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Midjourney Mastery

Unlock Creativity with AI and Create Unique Works

Philipp Stelzel
Notion Enthusiast, Writer, Digital Creator

Midjourney Mastery

Unlock Creativity with AI and Create Unique Works

Welcome to the world of Midjourney and AI-generated art! In this skillshare course, I will show you how to use Midjourney efficiently to create impressive AI art.

Utilize Midjourney for creating stock images, graphics, logos, or even works of art.

Because the artists of today are no longer those who wield a paintbrush, but those who can effectively communicate with AI to best realize their ideas.

This course shows you everything you need to know to get started with Midjourney. In my tutorials, you will quickly learn the basics of Midjourney and writing prompts with step-by-step instructions and practical exercises.

This course is more than just a crash course - it provides you with solid foundations that you can apply to any kind of creative endeavor. The lessons are suitable for anyone who wants to dive into the world of AI art: artists and creatives of all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals.

What Will You Get with Our Course?

Tips & tricks for navigating Midjourney

A guide for connecting with Discord

How to create better prompts

The different image styles you can create with Midjourney

How to use Midjourney efficiently to create AI-generated images

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About the instructor

Philipp Stelzel

Hello! I'm a bilingual (English and German) digital marketing and productivity expert, passionate about technology and its impact on our lives.

Join my course as we explore the fascinating world of digital marketing, AI, and productivity.

Master the art of working smarter, not harder with innovative tools like Notion, Obsidian, and Midjourney. Let's embark on this exciting learning journey together and unlock new possibilities for personal and professional growth.

See you in class! Philipp

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