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  • Accountability Partner

    Accountability Partner

    Regular Check-ins and Calls with me will help you to stay focussed and work on the right tasks. Accountability, Regular Review and Planning Session are very important part on the way to success.
  • Reach Your Goals

    Reach your Goals

    Our structured process will help you to Set the right goals, Track and Reach them. We work with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) as Goal Setting and Performance Tracking Framework.
  • Entrepreneur

    Experienced Serial Entrepreneur

    Besides Templates and established processes to reach your Goals, we can also discuss your current situation and figure out your next focus points.
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"What a great brilliant guy! Truly a benefit to talk with Leo, he will surely help you concrete your business ideas. Will definitely be working with him more! A+++++ 5/5"
Chris Torres
"Leo is a thoughtful and encouraging advisor/consultant. I enlisted his help because I am looking to create a product which he has experience in. He was able to point me in the direction of the next immediate viable step just so I can gather more info and see if it will work. I came away from the call with more clarity. Thanks Leo, I will keep you posted!"
"Leo was very knowledgeable and helped with SMART steps. Don’t start a business without him guys. Thank me later."
"I bought this service to help me become more efficient in my personal and professional life. It is difficult to balance everything while trying to turn a hobby into something more serious! Leo and I will continue to work together and I will be getting periodic check-ins from Leo on a weekly basis! I highly recommend this service to others!"