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Entrepreneurial and Lifestyle Guide: 5 reasons why we moved to Mexico for 6 months

January 21, 2022

It was always south-east Asia. It was even on the list of the most probable destination for the winter escape this year. But since the whole Covid s*** was somehow starting to go backward, we began to doubt if Asia was the best option. We could get in through the Pukhet Sandbox program, but we were unsure if things would radically change, and they will start with some crazy lockdowns.

On the other hand, Mexico was a popular destination for many digital nomads during the Covid outbreak as they stayed pretty open the whole time, and we were expecting that this would not change for the next couple of months. So we decided to fly to Mexico City quite fast. First, the plan was to fly to Cancun, as there were many flights, but in the end, we thought that since this was our first experience in this country start in Mexico City makes more sense. And we were damn right about that.

When we decide on a new location, there are always some points that we are considering. And in this article, I'll take you through the five most important ones for us to give you a better idea of why Mexico became our new home for the next couple of months. This list is pretty random as I can't decide which one is the most important and which one is the least.

1. Reason: It's our first time in Mexico

The unknown is more interesting. We haven't visited Mexico before, and this was also something that played a role. It's always exciting to come to a new place, new culture, especially to a place like Mexico with such a rich history.

We are looking forward to getting to know Mexican culture better and visit some of the more known and unknown places around. We plan to stay up to 6 months in Mexico, travel around, and spend a month or so in one city, so this will give us enough time to get to know it.

2. Reason: The weather - we don't like the winter

Let's all agree that spring and early summertime in Central Europe are great, but winter is not. We don't mind cold, but the temperatures are not low enough to keep the winter magical and snowy.

That's why we prefer to escape to places with warmer weather. The climate in Mexico is tropical, with a rainy and dry season and slight temperature fluctuation from season to season. The temperatures are averaging between 10 to 33 degrees Celsius so that you can enjoy warm weather all year round. But don't forget, Mexico is a big country, and the climate is changing by season and region, so before visiting, you should check the forecast for the area you are going to.

3. Reason: Delicious Mexican food

This reason is self-explanatory, but we can't leave it from the list. There are countless Mexican restaurants in every major metropolitan city. Before visiting Mexico, my experience with Mexican food was limited to the tex-mex variants around Europe. Many people refer to Tex-Mex as "Mexican," but it just isn't true. It has not much to do with actual Mexican food.

Mexican food is not only delicious but also affordable. The diverse, colorful, and flavorful cuisine has become one of the most popular styles for restaurants throughout North America. Its popularity is because it is tasty, healthy, and convenient to eat at any time of day.

4. Reason: Good internet connection (because we are not on holiday)

We are dependent on the internet, and we must have a stable connection in the apartments where we stay, and also have options to work from outside, from a coffee place or co-working place.

For that reason, when we are looking for Airbnb apartments, the filter wifi is always on. We found that the internet connection in Mexico is solid and reliable (unless there is some natural disaster or significant power outage). After being here for a couple of weeks, we can confirm that we had no issues getting good internet, in the apartment, or even in small restaurants and bars.

5. Reason: Affordable to live, because we are not rich (yet)

Mexico is an affordable country. The cost of living here is much lower than in the US or other European countries (except maybe east Europe). The average monthly expenses are about 1,300 EUR, including rent, groceries, public transportation, clothes, and entertainment (data taken from nomadlist.com). This amount is enough to live comfortably on a day-to-day basis. Moreover, the price-value ratio is good.

Inexpensive food is also one of the main reasons to come to Mexico. You can find excellent quality food at small shops or local markets for less than 1 EUR per meal. And don't forget that dining out in Mexico will only set you back between 5 and 10 EUR on average.

It also has affordable accommodation options, which make it an attractive destination for travelers with limited budgets.

Bonus Reason: Lots of stuff to do

We usually work during the week and stay around the area where we live. We work in the apartment or the coffee places around, but we like to explore and get to know the city where we live better during the weekend.

Mexico is one of the most diverse countries in the world. It has a rich culture, and they have many things that you can do and many places to visit. You can see modern cities and traditional markets in the same place. Mexican people are very friendly, and they love to share their traditions with tourists.

We are now in Mexico City, and we can confirm that all reasons were spot on. And we are looking to experience more of this beautiful country and culture. After exploring central Mexico, we are heading to Yucatan to get some vitamin sea.

Have you been to Mexico already? Leave your experience in the comment!

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