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Maja Nagelj

Executive Sherpa

Hola, my name is Maja, and I'm the second part of the Weirdo Team. I'm happy and proud to share my journey with you and be part of movement. My job here is to keep you updated with our perpetual traveling stories, share the most interesting and secret findings from the countries we visit, drop informative articles on how to improve your performance, achieve your goals, how to start and get the best out of the digital nomad lifestyle. My contribution is based on the personal experience that I had with my transition from a conservative corpo work environment to being a digital nomad, learning new and exciting skills on the go, and not being afraid to try something new.

I was born and raised in a small Slovenian village. I am an explorer who is consistently trying to go into the unknown and find a way out. Sometimes consciously, sometimes not. In 2009, I decided to leave my safe home environment and join the Erasmus program in Estonia for six months. This was a trip of my firsts: first time flying, first time using English (daily!) in practice, first time living abroad, the first time being away on my own without friends and family.

Trying unknown makes you stronger, more acceptable for different, and more open-minded. My life after the Estonian experience changed a lot; I was traveling more to meet with people I met during Erasmus, I was more and more eager and brave to explore more. I got the feeling that Slovenia would not be my permanent location.

I worked in Cluj Napoca, Romania, for a year and a half, Krakow, Poland, for almost three years, and Vienna, Austria, for three years. Up until the love of my life, Leo and I decided to get rid of our belongings and start perpetual traveling. Being able to choose places to live where we are treated best, where the weather is nice, and where we feel the best. This is somehow a form of reaching the ultimate freedom for us.

The part that I'm proud of most is that I got myself into many different, unknown situations, and I always loved it. Every experience ended with unforgettable memories. So I think that people shouldn't be afraid to try something new. If you are unhappy with parts of your life, change it! Try something different. It might happen that you will not like it in the end, of course, but you can always go back. And have no regrets.

What I dislike the most are people constantly complaining about their situation. Grumbling, but at the same time not doing anything to change it. Life goes on, and suddenly you are old and realize that you were just unsatisfied with something for half of your life. People often say: Oh, you are so lucky that you can travel, that you have a remote job, that you are free, etc. But that has nothing to do with luck. Everything that we do is based on decisions that we make, and rarely something to do with luck. Well, except if you win the lottery. But even then, you consciously decided to buy your ticket. 🙂

When becoming a perpetual traveler, I started to live my dream, so I'm excited to share it with you. I firmly believe that we should share positive energy and stories from our lives to help each other to become the best version of ourselves and get the most out of this thing called life. I'm learning so much on the go, and I'm exited to be able to share it with you.

Besides exploring the world and digital nomadism, I like to enjoy good food, good craft beer, and a glass of wine, spend time at the pool, and keep good relationships with the people that are part of my life, at the moment, mostly remotely. I love to help people, I believe in honesty, respect, and open communication. You can always approach me, and I’ll do my best to help you out.

We help and support each other, and I hope you will also find a bit of inspiration in what we are doing or even a bit of encouragement to try something new.

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