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"You need a plan to be ultimately free!"

Leo Brunnhofer
Chief of Weirdos
Leo Brunnhofer

WeirdoRocks was created by people who believe that everybody deserves the chance to create their own lives as they like. People who believe in strong foundations that are a core for the sustainable growth of different parts of life. There are many fake gurus, horrible and unpractical advice out there, and we are not happy with that.

The mission of Weirdo.Rocks is to form a tribe, where we can learn from each other and share our individual paths to happiness and personal freedom, supporting each other in a respectful way, and grow together. We want to help as many people as possible to make a change in their life if they are ready and want to. We want to do that through state-of-the-art education and through telling the story of different weirdos.

We believe in the importance of a good balance in your different area of life and will address all of them over time. For now we focus we address Finances with Information around Cryptos and Blockchain and Experiences & Fun with Perpetual Traveling.

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Why Weirdo?

We Weirdos like to go our special way, even if it is hard sometimes, we know that we will be happier if we follow our way. We understand and we are curious about other human beings for their choices and way of life, and more importantly, we respect them and the choices they do. We like to take our life into our hands and take responsibility for our actions.

Experiments and curiosity are part of our daily life and this is driving us to explore the unknown.

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We do not believe in overnight success because we know that it’s not sustainable but we do believe in:

  • Respect for each other (having in mind that it is not a one-way street)
  • Curiosity & Experimenting
  • Perpetual learning
  • Power of Entrepreneurship
  • Making decisions for our own life
  • Taking responsibility for your actions

We are Leo Brunnhofer and Maja Nagelj...

Perpetual Travellers, Freedom Lovers, and Business Owners.

We believe that starting your own business is a great way to design your life according to your desires. We did it, we are still doing it, and so can you.

We are both coming from small villages in Europe, from normal worker families. We both love to help other people to find their full potential and help design their very personal paths.

We decided to start Weirdo.Rocks to document our journey, inspire and show that everybody else can follow our path.

We will focus on topics around Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (Technology, Investing, Building Wealth) and Lifestyle and Perpetual Traveling (Traveling, Healthy, Happy Life, Fun). If you have a hard time organizing yourself and setting and achieving your goals, we cover that here too. We have many interests and we will cover topics for improving every important area of life in the future.

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