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How to automate the Airbnb messaging?

March 30, 2023

After successfully pitching the landlord, we already mentioned in our Ultimate Airbnb Automation Guide, one big step to get your Airbnb automated is to put your Airbnb messaging on autopilot. Replying to guest messages and requests is a very repetitive task and contains a lot of copy & paste work. You can save a lot of hours through Airbnb message automation without giving your guest a worse experience.

There are external services that you can use to automate the guest’s communication and cover the entire guest experience. You also can use Airbnb saved messages if you do not want to spend extra money for that kind of service when you start.

Five common automated Airbnb messages

The following five messages are easy to automate, save a lot of time, and will give your guest a better experience if done right. I know nobody who likes to wait to get the needed information from the host for the upcoming trip.

Airbnb guest message: Booking confirmation

After the booking occurs you should write a confirmation, say thank you and tell your guest that everything is ok with his booking. You can also already give some travel tips and inform them when they will get further information.

Airbnb guest message: Checkin reminder

At the latest, you two or three days before the check-in, you should remind your guest about the upcoming trip and give all the needed information that they need for the check-in. The guests need to know how to reach the apartment, how to access the keys, and everything else that could be relevant for them.

Airbnb guest message: After arrival

The guest stayed already one night, why not checking if everything went smooth if they had a first great night, and everything is going well.

Airbnb guest message: Checkout reminder

Remind the guest about their checkout time and procedure the next day.

Airbnb guest message: Thank you

If there was no damage or other issues reported by your cleaning help, send out and thank you message to the guest. Thank them, for example, for keeping everything clean and tidy and tell them that you left them a five stars review. Ask them to leave you one as well if they enjoyed the stay.

Other Airbnb messaging automation ideas

  • Friend and family discount for future trips
  • Reply to the booking request

Airbnb messaging services

Besides the onboard saved message tools of Airbnb and Booking.com, there are also a couple of paid services out there to further improve and automate your guest communication.

Some of the more known services are Hospitable and Host Tools. Both are unfortunately only available for Airbnb at the moment, which means you can not use it to automate your booking.com communication. Smartbnb announced that booking.com integration is coming soon. Another automation tool a module from Tokeet called automata and Smoobu. I will write a more detailed review of those tools in the future.

I hope this article gave you a first overview of what you can do with automatic messaging and helped to get started with this kind of Airbnb automation. If you want to dive deeper into how to put your short-term-rental properties on auto-pilot this Airbnb automated article is for you.

Happy automation!

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