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Is it possible to stake your coins with Ngrave Zero Hardware Wallet?

March 30, 2023
Image Credit: ngrave.io

Ngrave Zero, known as the coldest and most secure hardware wallet, currently doesn't support staking options. However, on their website, they state that Staking Support in the Liquid app is one of the features that is planned and in research.

If you want to get ready, and know everything about Ngrave products, can read our detailed review of Ngrave products here.

We will stay alert, and as soon as the staking becomes available, we’ll test it for you and guide you through. So stay tuned!

Staking alternatives

Until the staking becomes available with Ngrave Zero, you can check how to cold stake with some other hardware wallets available on the market:

Staking with Trezor

Staking with Ledger

Staking with Ellipal

Staking with BitBox02

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