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Why Should You Have An Accountability Partner?

March 29, 2023

The answer to this is quite simple - getting an accountability partner will help you stay motivated to achieve any goal. No matter if you want to lose weight, stop with bad habits, or go as far as changing your life, quit your current job, and build your own business  - having someone accountable for your goals will dramatically increase your actions' success rate.

Choosing the right accountability partnership depends on the type of goal you decide to go for.

Different types of Accountability Partnership

Running (Fitness) Buddy

If you would like to develop a habit of running regularly twice per week, it could already be enough if you reach out to a friend who would like to do the same. If you are both determined, you should align your schedule and run together twice per week, or even you can arrange this partnership online with a friend from a different city or even country.

The important part is that you focus on achieving this goal together and support and push each other to accomplish this. If you are persistent and determined to run for at least a couple of months repeatedly, you are on a good way to build a habit of running. Remember, doing this with an actual person vs. using some accountability app makes a big difference. Using the app will not even closely have the same effect as establishing this partnership with a real person.

The same goes for losing weight, getting fitter and healthier, mastering a new skill, stop smoking, drinking alcohol, and so on.

Accountability Partner for Business-related goals

When deciding to go your own way, especially business-wise, it can be a frightening thought. But in the end, you know that getting there will make you happy and enrich your life. The journey that you take can be easier, and you will progress faster if you get yourself a person that will hold you accountable for your actions and make sure that you are following the steps you decided to in the beginning. Here, you should always choose a person that is experienced and knows their way in this area.

A structured system that is proven to work

A good accountability partner will have a structured system to motivate you, track and review your progress, advise on things you are doing good or things that you should improve, and even give you a different perspective. Let's say that you reach a point where you are not sure how to proceed; the accountability partner knows your journey and can see your situation in a completely different way than you are, so their advice can greatly help you to overcome a specific challenge.

Encouraging and Understanding

Your accountability partner's mission is to encourage you, understand you, and make sure that you will be making the next steps with minimized inner struggle. Accountability should not judge, discourage, or in any way demoralize you personally or the action you take. An accountability partner is there to be your rock and maybe, sometimes, just a little bit awake a bad conscious in you if you are lazy and feel like skipping the plan you agreed on.

Having regular check-ins with your accountability partner will give you a higher likelihood that you keep working on the agreed/scheduled tasks. You want to present all the awesome things you achieved since the last meeting without saying: I did not progress in the last week.

Honest and trust-worthy relationship

Accountability Partner should know your pain-points and your struggles. That's why you must be 100% honest with them. Only like this can you get the support you need and the support that will bring you forward. You have to know that business-wise maybe your direct environment will not understand completely what you want to achieve; they can judge or be ignorant, simply because they have no idea what you are doing. And you can't blame them; they have different interests and ideas about how to live their life. But this also means that they can't help you with your struggles and inspire you to go forward, while an accountability partner gives you pure and unbiased feedback, and their main goal is to bring you from the beginning to the end goal.

These are just a couple of reasons you should hire an accountability partner; there are many more.

Also, choosing the right accountability partner can make a huge difference in achieving your goals, so be sure to check out our latest blog post on the qualities to look for when selecting an accountability partner.

Can Accountability Partner do the work for me?

No, in the end, you are the one who is doing the job. Accountability Partner with a good system in place will make sure that you stay on track. The whole process depends on you, and you should ask yourself:

How serious are you about taking the next step, and how hard you want this?

In the end, it depends on you, but feeling that you have some guidance next to you, makes everything easier

You can book an Accountability Call with me, if you are still looking for an Accountability Partner.

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