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Whether you’re established or just starting out.
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Get to know each other

$ 25.00 USD
Initial Call
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If you are not sure how I can help you and if you have any doubts - book this short call and let's get to know each other. If you book my service after our "Get to know each other call" you will receive a 15 Euro discount on next booking.
    • 15 Minutes Call
    • Talk about your current situation
    • What do you want to achieve?
    • How to work together best?
    • German or English

Consulting Call

$ 150.00 USD
per Session
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We discuss your goals, analyse the time since the last call and plan the next actions. I hold you accountable towards your goals.
    • 60 minutes (Video) Call
    • What did you achieve
      since last call?
    • What is your focus
      till next call?
    • How is your
      general progress?
    • What can be optimised?
    • German or English
Best Value

Accountability Service

$ 150.00 USD
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I pick you up where you are at your journey and teach you how to set, track and achieve any goal. I will your Coach and Accountability Partner.
    • everything from Accountability Call
    • Onboarding to my System
    • Answering Email Questions within 48 hours
    • Sharing my templates
    • Personalise the process to what works for you
    • Perpetual improvement

Package of 10 Sessions

$ 1,250.00 USD
Discounted Bulk Purchase
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Flexible use for one year for Accountability Calls or Accountability Services.
    • Flexible use
    • Discounted & Heavily Limited
    • Book now fora discounted price,schedule later.

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Customers love

Customers Love
Chris Torres
What a great brilliant guy! Truly a benefit to talk with Leo, he will surely help you concrete your business ideas. Will definitely be working with him more! A+++++ 5/5
Doug Z.
He has a great personality and he is very likable and I am really looking forward to getting help from him w/ my goals in the very near future. Thanks!
Leo was very knowledgeable and helped with SMART steps. Don’t start a business without him guys. Thank me later.
D M.
Alles BESTENS abgelaufen - Erwartungshaltung erfüllt.
I bought this service to help me become more efficient in my personal and professional life. It is difficult to balance everything while trying to turn a hobby into something more serious! Leo and I will continue to work together and I will be getting periodic check-ins from Leo on a weekly basis! I highly recommend this service to others!
Sehr informativer Austausch. Hat mir definitiv weiter geholfen.
Leo is a thoughtful and encouraging advisor/consultant. I enlisted his help because I am looking to create a product which he has experience in. He was able to point me in the direction of the next immediate viable step just so I can gather more info and see if it will work. I came away from the call with more clarity. Thanks Leo, I will keep you posted!
Leo and I had a productive session and he offered some great insights for SEO and how to scale my business. I would recommend him highly. I will have future chats with him

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