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Accountability Partner for Individuals and Businesses

Whether you’re established or just starting out.
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Get to know each other

$ 32.00 USD
Initial Call
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If you are unsure how I can help you and if you have any doubts - book this short call and let's get to know each other. If you book my service after our "Get to know each other call" you will receive a 25 USD discount on your next booking.
    • 15 Minutes Call
    • Talk about your current situation (in Business, Web3, NFT, Crypto, Digital Nomadism, Goal Setting, Habits Performance etc.)
    • What do you want to achieve?
    • Can I help you?
    • How to work together best?
    • German or English

I will be your business mentor, coach, advisor

$ 125.00 USD
per Session
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We discuss your goals, analyze the time since the last call and plan the next actions.
  • As a part of this call, we can discuss strategies to figure out what your next steps are, how you can get your business started, how to promote your business and any other questions around this topic

    I have helped many, many entrepreneurs with their business and we have specialized to help entrepreneurs, from the very first idea to launch and to grow a successful business. I have a deep sense of the issues entrepreneurs face in there day by day life and can help you to overcome them.

    • 30 to 60 minutes (Video) Call
    • What did you achieve
      since last call?
    • What is your focus
      till next call?
    • How is your
      general progress?
    • What can be optimised?
    • German or English
Best Value

I will be your Accountability Partner and Performance Coach

$ 125.00 USD
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I pick you up where you are at your journey and teach you how to set, track and achieve any goal. I will your Coach and Accountability Partner.
    • everything from Accountability Call
    • Onboarding to my System
    • Answering Email Questions within 48 hours
    • Sharing my templates
    • Personalise the process to what works for you
    • Perpetual improvement

Package of 10 Sessions

$ 1,250.00 USD
Discounted Bulk Purchase
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Flexible use for one year for Accountability Calls or Accountability Services.
    • Flexible use
    • Discounted & Heavily Limited
    • Book now fora discounted price,schedule later.

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Customers love

Customers Love
Chris Torres
What a great brilliant guy! Truly a benefit to talk with Leo, he will surely help you concrete your business ideas. Will definitely be working with him more! A+++++ 5/5
Doug Z.
He has a great personality and he is very likable and I am really looking forward to getting help from him w/ my goals in the very near future. Thanks!
Leo was very knowledgeable and helped with SMART steps. Don’t start a business without him guys. Thank me later.
D M.
Alles BESTENS abgelaufen - Erwartungshaltung erfüllt.
I bought this service to help me become more efficient in my personal and professional life. It is difficult to balance everything while trying to turn a hobby into something more serious! Leo and I will continue to work together and I will be getting periodic check-ins from Leo on a weekly basis! I highly recommend this service to others!
Sehr informativer Austausch. Hat mir definitiv weiter geholfen.
Leo is a thoughtful and encouraging advisor/consultant. I enlisted his help because I am looking to create a product which he has experience in. He was able to point me in the direction of the next immediate viable step just so I can gather more info and see if it will work. I came away from the call with more clarity. Thanks Leo, I will keep you posted!
Leo and I had a productive session and he offered some great insights for SEO and how to scale my business. I would recommend him highly. I will have future chats with him

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