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I will teach you how you can achieve anything you want.
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Some Essentials to reach your goals

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  • Know your Why and have a long-term vision
  • Set and Track your Mid-Term Goals.
  • Build supportive habits
  • Accountability System
  • Work with a system you trust
  • Daily and Weekly Planning & Review
  • Love the Process
  • Do not give up - ever
This is how I can help you.

My 6 Step Process

Taking you from there, where you are at the moment.
Your Current situation

Where are you at the moment? When starting a journey, it is important to know where you are at the moment. It is crucial to be honest to yourself at this stage.

Identify your Objectives

We will identify and write down the most relevant Objectives. Objectives (from OKRs) will give you a direction and answer: What do you want to achieve?

Find your Key Results

Three to five Key Results for each of your objectives will help to track the progress and answer: How to achieve your Objectives?

Break down your Key Results to an Action Plan

If a Goal or Key Result is too big, it can be overwhelming and demotivating, you need to break it down and have at least a rough plan how you want to achieve it.

Take action

Your goals are not set in stone, life and your environment is constantly changing. Be flexible, iterate and have some fun.

Measure and review your results on a regular basis

Daily Planning, Journaling, Weekly Planning, Reviews and Accountability Meetings will increase the chance to stay on track. This is one of the most important and often underrated or underestimated points. I will help with that.

and get Results!

Why you should work with me?

I am an Entrepreneur since 2003 and I have helped dozens of people but I still learn every day. I am not only "addicted" to try and learn new things but I am also applying this knowledge every single day.

Besides my experience, I care about your progress, I am understanding, honest and non-judgemental, positive and always giving reinforcement.
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You should talk to me, if:
  • You have goals, but you have no clue how to reach them.
  • You want to change your life, but do not know how to get started.
  • You know what you want to achieve next but need somebody to talk about your current situation and the way there.
  • You need a fresh, experienced pair of eyes looking at your current situation and get unbiased feedback and input.
  • You think this might be helpful for you for some other reason.

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