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Binance Card Review

February 16, 2023

This article is our detailed Binance Card Review.

The Binance Card is a Visa Debit Card that offers to withdraw funds from your Binance holdings. Your digital currency is converted into fiat money at the time of purchase.

We use a Binance card for our purchases internationally, so we decided to dig into the main features, fees, limits, how to set it up, and all other perks of this payment card and write an in-depth review for you.

Let's dive in!

  • It can be used worldwide
  • Low spending fee
  • High withdrawal limits
  • Low fees on transactions worldwide.
  • Largest crypto exchange platform
  • Cashback in BNB up to 8%.
  • For the highest cashback of 8%, you need to stake 600 BNB (Binance Coin)
  • Not available in the US
  • Only plastic card
  • Slow Customer Support

At a Glance

| | | | :--- | :--- | | Type | Visa Debit | | KYC | Yes | | Linked to | Your Binance Account | | Supported Countries | Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden. | | Range of Cryptocurrencies | BNB, BUSD, BTC, SXP, ETH, EUR, ADA, DOT | | ATM Access | Worldwide | | Contactless Payments | Yes, also Google Pay and Samsung Pay | | Mobile App | Yes | | 2FA | Yes | | Virtual Card | Yes|

Binance is one of the biggest exchanges; besides the crypto exchange, they partnered with Swipe to release its Binance Card which is a Visa debit card.

The card can be used worldwide wherever Visa is accepted. It enables you to convert and spend cryptocurrencies for real-life purchases.

Binance started shipping physical cards to users in EEA in December 2020 and the Card is only supported for customers in EEA countries at the moment.

You will need to have an active Binance account to apply for it. And once you receive it and activate it, you need to transfer your cryptos from your spot wallet to your funding wallet, and you are ready to go.

The Funding Wallet supports the conversion and spending of BNB, BUSD, BTC, SXP, ETH, EUR, ADA, DOT.

Your funds are converted to local fiat currency in real-time at the time of purchase. There is no extra charge from Binance for the transaction.

We love the debit card design with an all-black and silver color shade. But, unfortunately, the Card is plastic and not the cool metal we prefer nowadays.

Binance Card: Main features

Let's look at the main features of the Binance Card.

Image Credit: binance.com

Binance Card Cashback Rewards

Besides real-time conversions, the other perk that Binance offers is Cashback rewards. You can get up to 8% in BNB on all eligible purchases you make with your Binance Visa Card.

Your Cashback depends on the amount of Binance Coin you are staking on your account. It is calculated daily for each settled purchase from the previous date. Binance can deduct the Cashback in case of a refund.

The Binance card has 7 levels, and depending on the average BNB balance; you are eligible for the corresponding Cashback.

Here is the table representing the average BNB balance and Cashback (source: binance.com)

| Card Level | BNB Monthly Average Balance (min) | BNB Rewards for Your Purchases | | :--- | :--- | :--- | | 1| 0 | 0,1%| | 2 | 1 | 2% | | 3 | 10 | 3%| | 4 | 40 | 4% | | 5 | 100 | 5% | | 6 | 250 | 6%| | 7 | 600 | 8% |

Based on the table, you can get the highest Cashback in BNB if your average monthly balance of BNB is 600BNB.

BNB monthly average balance means the average holdings of BNB in your Binance wallets for a period of 29 days before yesterday. Binance.com

The Cashback is paid daily to your funding wallet, and you can view all your cashback transactions in the cashback vault on your mobile app or desktop.

Not all transactions are included in the cashback program; the Cashback eligible transactions are subject to Binance and their partners' discretion.

E.g., they state that transactions on digital wallets, crypto exchanges, digital banking services, money remittance services, stored value products, and specific other categories are not considered for the cashback program.

On top of that, your monthly cashback amount is capped depending on the level of your Card. E.g., Level 1 has a 5 EUR monthly cap, and level 7 has 500 EUR.

Mobile App and Push Notifications

You can quickly review your daily transfers and all transactions you make with the Card using your mobile app. It is supported on IOS and Android.

You will receive notifications for every purchase you make with your Binance Card.

The layout of the app is intuitive and easy to configure. To access your Card, you need to open the app, go to funding wallet, and select Card.

Binance Card: Applying for the Card

First, to apply for the Card, you need to have an active verified Binance account.

You can order your Card on a desktop or mobile.

  1. Log in to the Binance app, select Finance, and Binance Visa Card
  2. (Complete Identity Verification - you can find the detailed steps here)
  3. On the Binance Card page, click Get Started,
  4. Confirm the KYC Consent,
  5. Confirm the name on your Card, and order the Card.

After successful registration, the virtual Card is issued instantly and stays valid until you receive your physical Card activate it.

Binance Card: Card Activation and Set up

When the happy day comes, and you receive your Card, you will need to activate it.

  1. Log into your Binance account, and on Card Dashboard, click Activate.
  2. You will need to enter the last four digits of your Card. Then, you will be prompted to enter the CVV. Once we verify the details you entered, your physical Binance Card will be activated, and you will get your PIN for ATM access.

You will have to transfer money from your Spot Wallet on Binance to your Card's funding wallet to use the Card.

You also have to decide on the order you want to have the funds debited first. You can change it later on. You need to ensure that your funding wallet is funded and top it up regularly.

Binance Card Fees: Structure and limits

Binance won't charge any processing and administrative fees; however, the third-party fees can apply.

The Binance Card uses the funds from your funding wallet, and it can't be topped up from other external platforms.

Here is the table of all fees and limits concerning your Binance Card (source: binance.com):

| | | | :--- | :--- | | Daily Spending Limit| Virtual €870, Physical: 8,700 EUR | | Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit | 290 EUR | | Transaction Fees and ATM Withdrawal Fee |up to 0.9% | | Replacement Card | 25 EUR | | Inactivity (12 months) | 0 EUR | | Monthly Management Fee | 0 EUR| | Max Cashback | Level 7, 500 EUR |

Binance Card: Security

The Binance Swipe account and Visa debit card are e-money services provided by Contis Financial Services Ltd. Your funds are safeguarded in a regulated bank account and separated from the company funds. In the case of insolvency of Contis Financial Services, they are protected against any claims.

Binance card is regulated and safe to use. However, before making any online transactions with your Binance Card, you will need to complete the 3DS (3D Secure Verification).

You can reach customer service through various channels, but users still report very slow response times. We can confirm that the response times are a bit slow. You can visit their site while waiting and try to find your answers in their faq section and other educational resources they offer.

Our Verdict

What we love the most is that the Card is connected to one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, and since we use the exchange daily, it's a very convenient way to spend our cryptos in the real world.

The Card and company behind it are secured, and we feel safe using it.

The Cashback program comes with pluses and minuses, as you can get the highest rewards only if you are heavily invested in their Binance coin.

We see no reason against ordering the Card if you are a crypto trader using Binance Exchange or is about to use it. It gives you a great and smooth way to use your crypto funds for your everyday purchases.

There are, of course, other cryptocurrency cards out there, which we will review in the upcoming articles, so stay tuned.

We hope our Binance Card Review helps you make the right decision if this Card is right for you. If you are undecided what's best exchange for you, you can check out our comparisons of Crypto.com vs Binance and KuCoin vs Binance.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments. We would love to hear from you!

Binance Card

+ worldwide use
+ High withdrawal limits
+ Low fees 
+ up to 8% Cashback

Frequently Asked Questions

Binance Card converts your cryptocurrency to fiat currency in real-time. You only need to decide on the order you want to have the funds debited first. The Funding Wallet connected with your Card supports the conversion and spending of BNB, BUSD, BTC, SXP, ETH, EUR, ADA, DOT.

You can use your Binance Card online and anywhere in the world where Visa is accepted.

The maximum amount of accumulated contactless payments is 150 EUR.

The aggregated balance in your Funding Wallet has to be equal to or greater than the charging amount, and the transaction will go through. Instead of declining the payment, Binance will automatically use all available cryptocurrencies in your selected order.

To apply for Binance Visa Card, you need to have an active Binance account, pass the KYC verification, and have your residential address in one of the supported countries.


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