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Maximize Your NFT Potential: Top Tools for Collectors and Creators

Nansen is the industry standard.

February 24, 2023

Non-fungible Tokens or NFTs are for blockchain solutions to go mainstream in the long run. With NFTs coming to the world of games, art, entertainment, collectibles, real estate, and many more areas, the crypto space has found a way to reach the average person. (in the long run)

My name is Leo; I have strong computer science and entrepreneurial background. I have been in the crypto space since 2017 and since 2021 full-time. I love doing my daily deep dives and learning and sharing my insights with you. At the moment, NFTs are my rabbit hole.

NFTs are also mentioned a lot because simple jpegs were sold for millions of dollars, and more and more people join good, innovative projects early or make money by flipping NFTs.

Do not forget it's not that easy. NFT traders and investors who make $$$ constantly are no noobs; they usually invest a lot of time to make those profits. Besides diving deep into social media platforms like Twitter, Youtube, or various Discords, many are also not doing their research without support; they usually use different tools to find the next hot project.

In this article, we give an overview of the most common tools and some not-so-known gems.

Let's dive in.

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Best NFT Tools

1. Nansen -  A must-have analytics tool if you are getting serious with NFTs

2.Dune Analytics - Great for tech nerds who want to create their own Dashboards

3. Moby - Super fast realtime statistics

4. Icy Tools - Great realtime statistics

5. Rarity Tools - Unique rarity score for each NFT

6. Trait Sniper - Best to find undervalued NFTs in realtime

7. NFT Bank - Best to track your NFT Portfolio

8. Opensea - Biggest marketplace to buy and sell NFTs on Ethereum

9. Etherscan - Best to read the smart contract and Metadata


The industry standard under Analytics Tools

Nansen Analytics Tool
  • one week trial for $9 then $149 - $1490 monthly
  • a very professional and polished analytical tool with great functionality
  • follow the smart money and analyze NFT owners
  • leaderboards with NFT wallets by total profit made
  • tracking 90M+ Ethereum wallets
  • Supports nine blockchains
  • backed by a16z, Coinbase ventures, and more.
  • introduces NFT indexes

Nansen is a paid tool and quite expensive; after the one-week trial for $9, the monthly plans start at $149 and go up to $1490.

The tool's functionality is excellent, and you could say it is the industry standard of analytical tools for NFT and DeFI.

One of the best features if you want to dive into the NFT space is the NFT wallet leaderboard, where you can see and analyze what the smart money is doing. Just try it and go down the rabbit hole.

Nansen is tracking over 90 million wallets and supports Ethereum, Celo, BSC, Arbitrum, Fantom, Polygon, Ronin, Avax, and Optimism and is backed by some of the big boys crypto investment companies like a16z or coinbase ventures.

Recently, Nansen has designed several indexes to track the market activity for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain.

Dune Analytics

Best for deep, customized analysis

NFT Dashboard on Dune
  • Category: a blockchain research tool
  • Making Blockchain data available to everyone
  • Build your own Dashboards and Queries
  • Tons of available public Dashboards
  • Free to use
  • Data available from Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Optimism, and Gnosis Chain
  • to do your own queries, you should know SQL

Dune is a very powerful blockchain research tool with many public available queries and dashboards. If you want to build your own dashboards, it helps if you have at least a basic understanding of dashboards, visualization, and SQL. Here is the Dune documentation if you want to learn more about that.

Dune.XYZ is free to use, and data from the Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Optimism, and Gnosis Chain are available.

You can build very complex queries; this example is an NFT Floor Tracker over time.

Floor Tracker on Dune

Dune Analytics has an amazing, large developer community. Keep up the great work, guys.


  • ranking system for markets and mints
  • fastest real-time NFT statistics and feeds
  • some features are free some are paid
  • paid access to statistics and alerts
  • effective tracking tool
  • Notifications
  • Limit orders
  • user friendly

Moby’s ranking system helps find top smart contracts and choose the right one. You can filter for market, mint, and period. You see the number of sales, sales volume, average price, and sales floor of the trending projects for the market view and mint price, % change, and the number of mints in the Mints view.

In the pro version (0.1 ETH for 6 month), you access the real-time insights platform, popular mint alerts, historical collection data, and live graphs.

You can also set smart alerts to receive alerts in your discord or to your phone.

Moby has a very clean and easy-to-use user interface.

Icy Tools

  • real-time floor, volume and sales trends
  • wallet analysis
  • breakdowns on projects, traits, and rarities
  • beginner-friendly discovery
  • $62 to $75 per month
  • Lifetime access NFT is available
  • new project alerts
  • fantastic community
  • great learning resource

Icy Tools also shows you the trending collections and real-time floors. You will see the floor price, volume, and average sales price. Definitely a good tool for beginners if you start your discovery. The tool is very straightforward and great for a quick market survey.

Starting from $62 per month, you can use all features. With the premium subscription, you can access detailed project pages for every NFT collection. You also will get a breakdown based on rarities and attributes.

You can also buy a lifetime access member and access to the ICY Founders clubs. 1700 membership cards are available, most of them already sold.

Another feature of Icy Tools is that they calculate an estimated value of all your NFTs based on the traits and current floor price.

Rarity Tools

Rarity Score - Bored Ape YC - Rarity.tools
  • rarity score to each listed NFT
  • soft after rarity score
  • shows upcoming Mints
  • very user friendly
  • new collections take some time (weeks) to appear
  • not so useful for new projects
  • sort by average price, volume, and detailed attributes
  • helps to find lucrative NFTs
  • Free to use
  • Brands and creators can list NFT projects for a 2 ETH listing fee

Rarity tools are an easy-to-use NFT tool that gives you a unique calculated rarity score to each listed NFT. It can take a while till new collections are listed. Sometimes, it can take weeks. This is not great if you want to fast flip the NFTs you bought. There are better tools for analyzing your NFTs if you're buying and selling in the early life cycle of a new collection.

You can use Rarity Tools for free, and if you want to list your project, you can do so for a listing fee of 2 ETH.

They also have a mint calendar to see NFT projects launching soon.

Each collection listed can be filtered by traits, trait count, rarity score, and listing type, which means if the NFT is listed with a fixed price or in the auction mode. Pretty cool tool.

Trait Sniper

  • easy, very well sorted interface
  • great features for sniping mispriced NFTs
  • Metadata sniffing tool
  • rarity ranking (fast calculated)
  • great discord community
  • many features are available for free
  • quite pricey (monthly 0.65 ETH, weekly 0.2 ETH)

Trait Sniper does not have many features, but they do great what they do. It's excellent for analyzing ongoing and upcoming projects and finding potentially mispriced NFTs based on their rarity score.

When a new project gets revealed, Trait Sniper analyzes the rarity score. All this is happening within under two minutes with very high accuracy.

The Discord community is very active and is a great way to learn more about NFTs and sniping.

If you are a paying user, the data are available in real-time; if you are using the tools for free, there is a delay of 30 minutes. You can also buy NFTs directly out of the web application.

NFT Bank

NFT Bank Overview
  • Portfolio and ROI calculator
  • Portfolio Tracker
  • helps with filing your taxes
  • keep track of NFT purchases and sales too
  • free to use

NFT Bank gives you an excellent visual overview of your NFT portfolio. After signing up with your wallet address, you can see all your spending, your return on investment, your transaction history, and NFT bank can even help you file your taxes.


  • NFT Marketplace
  • the most famous platform for selling and buying and trading NFTs
  • great for tracking and analyzing NFTs as well
  • ranking and activity of all NFTs in real-time
  • support of Polygon, Ethereum, and Clayton
  • nine different categories

The Opensea NFT Marketplace is a decentralized application that allows users to buy and sell NFTs. Users can also view and analyze their assets and track their portfolio's performance.

The platform is a must-use for those who want to buy, sell or trade NFTs online.

You can filter by category and buy traits to find your favorite NFT. If you are a seller, you can offer your NFT for a fixed price or in auction mode on the platform.


  • mint directly from a projects contract (verify contract)
  • many of the tools the Etherscan API
  • token metadata
  • check any wallet, transaction, token, or smart contract
  • free to use.

To ensure that you are minting from the right contract, many NFT traders prefer to mint directly on Etherscan. Many of the tools mentioned above use the Etherscan API to get helpful information and metadata about an NFT project and provide more meaningful insights into a project.

Etherscan does not have the most appealing user interface but is very useful because it gives you real-time on-chain information.

Token trackers like Etherscan make reading smart contracts of ERC-721 Tokens. This is necessary if you want to look under the hood and check a few essential parameters about a project before you go into it.

If you are getting more serious with Cryptos and NFTs, we recommend using Etherscan and other Blockchain explorers.

Other NFT Tools

NFT go

  • NFT Analytical Platform
  • Nice dashboard
  • free to sue


  • NFT and Sportbetting Discord Bots
  • How it works
  • Premium $20 / month


  • Market History gives a good picture of the NFT space
  • Market volume trending upwards or downwards
  • which projects are doing well

NFT Stats

  • Discover NFT projects and the latest drops
  • Quick overview of top NFT collections sold in 24h, seven days, 30 days
  • Free and easy-to-read data about NFT projects, here is an example.


  • monitor sales data of NFT Collections
  • Available for 12 different blockchains
  • analyze the track and discover new projects
  • free to use

NFT Nerds

  • great discord
  • fast updated trending collections
  • set alert
  • 1 month 0.15ETH, 6 month 0.5ETH


  • Set up custom alerts for any contract or wallet.
  • Set favorite alert tokens
  • smartphone app. track all sorts of parameters.
  • Lifetime Pass

Super sea Browser Plugin

  • Chrome extension
  • floor prices, rarity ranks, quick buys
  • 0.1 ETH per month

NFT Drop Calendar

  • NFT Calendar
  • today's upcoming, ongoing drops
  • filter by blockchain
  • NFT stats

Upcoming NFT

  • upcoming, closed, coming soon, and recent events
  • NFT projects, events, drops, auctions, or giveaways
  • Beta Tool

Weirdo.Rocks Crypto Calendar

  • our curated calendar
  • Crypto Events like Conferences, Mainnet Launches, Airdrops, NFT Drops and more

Coin Rivet NFT Calendar

  • multi chain calendar

NFT catcher

  • Upcoming NFT mints and drops
  • signup needed, free for now


  • floor price and volume tracker
  • NFT profile tracker and valuation tool
  • Membership NFT


  • search, filter, and evaluate every digital asset on the market
  • DeFI and NFT
  • manage your portfolio
  • similar to DappRadar and Zapper


  • portfolio manager
  • a clear picture of all transactions
  • quick overview of all NFTs in your portfolio
  • similar to DappRadar and Zerion

NFT Evening

  • NFT News in different categories
  • NFT Calendar
  • NFT Conferences (good selected)

NFT Plaza

  • Crypto news
  • many different categories


  • ETH marketplace
  • Art


  • Solana NFT Marketplace


  • NFT marketplace
  • Ethereum, Tezos, and Flow


  • NFT Marketplace
  • Ethereum


  • the digital art auction platform
  • NFT marketplace


  • P2P NFT marketplace

NFT trader

  • P2P NFT trader marketplace


  • P2P NFT marketplace

NFT pirates

  • OpenSea bidding bot
  • Windows-only tool
  • quite pricey


  • multichain NFT analytics

Collab Land

  • Discord Server access based on NFT holding
  • Discord plugin


  • Trade across NFT marketplaces
  • NFT market aggregator


  • NFT statistics
  • Trading statistics

Check my NFT

  • checks how your NFT assets are stored


  • Digital art gallery


studio 721

  • Free NFT creator tools
  • Guides and walkthroughs

Magic Eden

  • Marketplace

Fractional Art

  • buy, sell, mint fractions of NFTs
  • collective ownership

NFT charts

  • beautiful NFT charts

Rarity Sniffer

  • rarity tool

Rarity Sniper

  • Rarity tool

Our Verdict

Investing in or flipping NFTs is very time-consuming and almost impossible without spending hours on social media platforms and using some of the mentioned tools to do your research. There is no straightforward process to do all this; you will need to find your own.

Depending on if you want to buy and long-term hold your NFTs or buy and sell them as soon as possible, there are different options and Analysis Tools that will fit your needs.

Our favorite tool is Nansen, it does not come cheap, but if you are serious about investing in the space and using it extensively, the cost should pay back quickly.

For flipping, we like Traitsniper already with the free version; you can do a lot.

I hope this guide was practical and helped to pick the right tool.


This website includes information about cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments. All these areas are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money. We are NOT giving financial or investment advice; this page is for educational and informational purposes only. Please be careful and make sure that you understand how these instruments work. Also, think about whether you can afford to take the risk of losing your money.

Weirdo.Rocks encourage you to do your own research before making any investment decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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This website includes information about cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments. All these areas are complex instruments and have a high risk of losing money. We are NOT giving financial or investment advice; this page is for educational and informational purposes only. Please be careful and make sure that you understand how these instruments work. Also, think about whether you can afford to take the risk of losing your money.

Weirdo.Rocks encourage you to do your own research before you make any investment decision.

Also, keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

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