Weirdo's Weekly Update — 14 August, 2022

We are slowly rolling into the second half of August. After a couple of weeks of high-paced work on our projects, we took off last Friday and attended a small festival in Bildein, Austria - PictureOn.

It was a great end of the busy week and time well spent with our friends.

Let's dive into some of the other highlights of the Weirdo week.

What are we working on?

Most of my time, I still dedicate to New World Guardians - an NFT project where blockchain meets social impact. 20 % of the NFT sales revenue goes to six social impact projects. If you are curious about the projects, you can find out more about them here:

Besides that, we have a couple of crypto articles in the pipeline that will be added to our blog in the following week. So stay tuned on


The setup of Helium routers was a bit tricky, but the first three are up and already mining Helium. We plan to set up 2 more before we leave Europe. We are part of the Helium peoples network now; it's fun seeing the network grow.

To learn more about the Helium network, check out our detailed Helium Network Review.

Ethereum just completed the Goerli 'merge' last week. The final and most significant test before shifting the network from a proof-of-work consensus model to proof-of-stake. The mainnet merge is estimated to happen in the mid of September. This event seemed to cause the ETH rally last week.

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Traveling, what's next?

It's over a year since we started our perpetual traveling lifestyle. And we can say with certainty that this was one of our best decisions. Our lives changed significantly, from being location and system independent to decluttering lives and putting all our belongings in a backpack.

We travel slowly and stay longer in one country or city, as Maja and I, like to get to know the area and the culture well. I like the feeling of not being rushed and slow traveling also helps us to build good routines that are important to stay productive.

Maja also collected some tips that help us stay productive while living as a digital nomad: 5 tips that will help you stay productive while living as a digital nomad.

Things to think about

In the long run, good and bad habits will make the difference in creating a life that you want for yourself. August Bradley nailed it with these lines to think about:

The first time it's a mistake.

The second time it's a decision.

The third time it's a routine.

The fourth time it's a bad habit.

The fifth time it's a challenge to stop.

The sixth time it builds regret.

The seventh time it seeps into your identity.

What I am listening

This week's best tunes are coming from the Festival's playlist on Spotify - Picture On 2022

The highlights for me were: Buntspecht, Alicia Edelweiss, Gnackwatschn, Kurt Razelli.

My Current Habits

477 days of daily language learning on Duolingo (currently Spanish)

470 days of daily meditation with Headspace

Maja hit her 700-day streak on Duolingo this week, learning German. 👏 👏

When building good habits, it's essential to have a consistent time in the day when you do them. The best time for us is in the morning, which also helps us to start the day victorious.

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August 17, 2022
Leo Brunnhofer