Weirdo's Weekly Update — 29 May, 2023

What are we working on?

We're still excited about the electrifying launch of our Academy one week ago, and we're thrilled to have it out in the world! 🎉 It's the product of countless late nights, brainpower, and passion from our incredible team. We spent the weekend celebrating our achievements and showing gratitude for our fantastic community.

But we're not stopping there! We have big plans to make the Weirdo movement even bigger and better. In the coming weeks, we'll spread the word far and wide and want YOU to be part of it. That's right; we're excited to announce our partner program, where you can help us share the Weirdo magic and earn a commission for your support. If you're interested in joining forces and making a positive impact together, drop us a line. Let's embrace the power of collaboration and continue this extraordinary journey of growth and empowerment.


Introducing the latest crypto updates that have stirred up the community: the controversial Ledger Recover Program. Users can store their seed phrase online to facilitate easy recovery if lost, but this has raised concerns among those who value Ledger's trustless approach to cryptocurrency storage. While splitting seed phrases and undergoing KYC checks may not be problematic, the potential access to seed phrases by the firmware update 2.2.1 has sparked worries about compromised security. In light of this, it's crucial to reassess how hardware wallets operate and consider alternatives like Trezor, or Ellipal known for their open-source software and transparency. Will Ledger be able to recover from till backlash?

Have you ever wondered how many individuals have embraced the exciting world of web3 technology? We're not talking about wallets but actual humans actively using NFTs, Stablecoins, DeFi, and more. Brace yourself for some eye-opening numbers! According to recent research, there are currently over 425 million crypto owners worldwide as of December 2022, a significant increase from 306 million at the beginning of the year. That's approximately 5% of the global population involved in crypto. At the same time, it may sound like a sizable number, but remember that we're still in the early stages, with billions more potential adopters waiting to explore this fascinating domain. Understanding the actual number of individuals actively engaged on the blockchain is challenging due to the anonymous and permissionless nature of the technology. However, we're witnessing substantial growth and an expanding community in the on-chain world. So, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride in the world of web3 and cryptocurrencies!

Travel Update

After an incredible 9-month adventure in Southeast Asia, we've just returned to Europe, filled with unforgettable experiences and cherished memories. As we settle back into the rhythm of life in Europe, we can't help but reflect on the essence of Thailand captured in Maja's new tattoo, "sabai sabai." Pronounced as "sah-bye sah-bye," this phrase embodies a sense of contentment, relaxation, and overall well-being. It perfectly encapsulates our time in Thailand, where we embraced the laid-back lifestyle and found joy in simple pleasures. As we embark on our European journey, we're excited to reconnect with family and friends, immerse ourselves in new cultures, and create lasting memories closer to home.

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Tim Ferriss Show - #672 - Seth Godin - The Pursuit of Meaning, The Life Changing Power of Choosing Your Attitude.

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Tulsa King - In the  TV series, Sylvester Stallone takes on the role of Mafia capo Dwight Manfredi, who, after his prison release, forges an unexpected criminal empire in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Something to think about

Found in James Clears newsletter.

"You're never ready for what you have to do. You just do it. That makes you ready."

Flora Rheta Schreiber


"Live the Pareto Principle lifestyle:

Relationships. Who are the few people that have the most positive impact on my life? Spend more time with them.

Priorities. What are the few actions that have the most positive impact on my day? Prioritize them.

Learning. What are the few information sources I learn the most from? Focus on them.

Stress. What are the few sources that cause most of the stress and friction in my life? Eliminate them."

Tool of the week

The Ellipal Titan is a crypto hardware wallet with good security and deep integration of Dapps. There are promising developments happening in the cold wallet markets at the moment. After the recent negative press that Ledger is getting, Ellipal could be one of the hardware wallets to gain market shares in this space.

Productivity Tips and Tricks

Have you ever noticed certain areas of your life where the more you invest your time and effort, the less you seem to gain in return? It's like hitting a wall of diminishing returns, a phenomenon we all encounter.

Take money, for example. While having a certain amount of financial stability can bring us happiness, there's a point where the impact of money on our well-being starts to level off. According to renowned psychologist Daniel Kahneman, that point is around $75,000 annually. Beyond that, accumulating more wealth doesn't necessarily translate into greater happiness.

This is called the law of diminishing returns.

June 8, 2023
Leo Brunnhofer