Weirdo's Weekly Update — 6 Oct, 2023

Crypto News

October, fondly known as Uptober, is historically a strong month for Bitcoin, with an average return of +29%. Only twice has October ended in the red for Bitcoin and Ethereum. After a green September, we're excited to see what Uptober brings! 💸

Umbra: Enhancing Privacy in Crypto

Umbra, a stealth address protocol, is making strides in crypto privacy. It allows users to send funds to a new address, known only to the sender and receiver, adding a layer of privacy. If you want to try Umbra, the process is simple and secure. 🕵️‍♂️

The Heist: A Cautionary Tale

A recent scam resulted in the theft of 46 valuable NFTs from a wallet. The scam involved signing transactions that appeared legitimate but were not. The incident serves as a reminder to exercise caution when signing transactions and to keep NFTs in a separate "vault" wallet.

🚨Fred Wilson is reporting here about the heist. 

Changes in the Last Week

Bitcoin $27,629 (+2,5%%) ⎸ Ethereum $1,632 (-1.$%) ⎸ Gold $1,821

Changes Last Week

Fear and Greed Index

AI News

ChatGPT's Advanced Data Analysis and More

ChatGPT is enhancing your data analysis experience. You can now upload images or screenshots with text or numbers for analysis and generate charts or graphs. If you can't find these features yet, they'll be available in the next two weeks. 📊

Here is an example.

From Images to Code

Imagine converting a sketch into a working website code. That's now possible with ChatGPT. Just upload an image or sketch, and voila! You have your code. 🖥️

Here is an example. 

Web Browsing Returns

ChatGPT's web browsing feature is back, providing real-time data and analysis. You can ask it to summarize content, retrieve data like stock prices, analyze SEO performance, or even create content about recent events. To use this feature, select web browsing at the top of your screen. 🌐

Travel News

As Maja and I say our goodbyes to Tbilisi, we're excited to embark on our next adventure in Baku, Azerbaijan! 

It's a new country on the list for both of us, so we both feel excited about discovering a new place. 

For those who've been asking, "Why is Georgia interesting for nomads and entrepreneurs?" let me spill some facts:

Georgia, mainly its capital, Tbilisi, is a rising star in the startup and tech scene. With co-working spaces and tech hubs, it's a magnet for entrepreneurs and digital nomads. The cost of living is lower than in many Western countries, making it a haven for bootstrappers.

Tbilisi offers solid internet speeds, which are crucial for remote work. The legendary Georgian hospitality extends to the business world, with locals often offering help and partnerships to newcomers.

Georgia's favorable tax regime and a good English-speaking population, especially the young, appeal to its appeal. Its strategic location offers easy connectivity for business travel. Plus, it's one of the safest countries in the region.

The unique blend of Asian, European, and Middle Eastern influences fosters creativity and fresh perspectives, perfect for those seeking inspiration.

So, if possible, add it to your bucket list.

Now, it's time to explore the unknown in Azerbaijan. Stay tuned!

Business & Productivity Tips

Great Work by Paul Graham

Genuine curiosity is the wellspring of great work. Remarkable achievements are born out of a sincere desire to solve intriguing problems, not out of duty or obligation. Pursuing projects for prestige or societal approval can stifle creativity and lead to mediocre outcomes.

Serendipity and unexpected discoveries often lead to great work. Groundbreaking discoveries were made while pursuing something else. Being open to new ideas and prepared to veer off the beaten path can lead to unexpected, often remarkable, results.

Breaking free from conventional paths can unleash creativity. Adhering too closely to established norms and career trajectories can hinder one's ability to think creatively and explore uncharted territories.

Personal interest fuels perseverance and creative thinking. When one is genuinely interested in a problem, the quest for its solution becomes a personal venture.

Seizing opportunities as they arise is crucial. The path to great work is often unpredictable, and being prepared to grab unexpected opportunities can significantly impact the outcome.

Paul Graham's "Great Work" is more than a narrative; it's a clarion call to pursue what truly engages your intellect and passion. It's an invitation to a journey of self-discovery, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of problems that pique your curiosity.

Tool of the Week: Descript 🎥🎙️

Descript is your go-to tool for creating and editing videos. It's transforming the way you handle multimedia content.

You can upload your video, and Descript will generate a precise transcription. The result is not just a transcript but a new editing dashboard. You can delete text, and the corresponding video segment will get deleted as well. It makes the process simple.

With Descript, you can collaborate and share easily. The accuracy of the transcriptions is impressive as well.

I am currently listening to

All the talks of the All-In Conference are available for free on Youtube.

Brian Armstrong, Elon Musk,  Gwyneth Paltrow, Larry Summers, Bill Gurley, MrBeast, Ray Dalio, Tobi Lutke and more.  

It's worth a look.

I am currently watching

Sex Education - Season 4

Inspiring Quotes

"Before you discover what you love: fewer commitments, more experiments.

After you discover what you love: fewer experiments, more commitments." - James Clear

"The most valuable resource in life is time. Spend it wisely on what truly matters to you, and you'll find meaning and fulfillment."—Paul Graham

"Don't fear failure. Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail." – Bruce Lee

October 18, 2023
Leo Brunnhofer