NFT Deep Dive Update - It's a mess

I started my dive into the NFT world last week. I love to learn hands-on, which I also do here. Here are a few learning and things that I have found out so far. 

First, it is hard to keep track of all the projects. There are so many great researchers and accounts out there, many new projects launching every day. What I am trying to do, is to form a daily routine. There are some resources that  I check daily. I created a Crypto Event Calendar, where I also added the most exciting NFT drops, and I am doing research for the NFT article(s) that will come out in the following weeks. Today on the Event calendar was the Invisible Friends NFT Collection, which did very well after launch. I could not mint one, but for the following bigger projects, I will be better prepared. 

My next steps are to follow the smart money to spot new projects and create a method to do a quick fundamental analysis of exciting projects. 

Some tools I am using for my research are:

  • Nansen (great features and details)
  • Opensea (biggest marketplace and great research tool)
  • Rarity.Tools
  • Icy.Tools
  • Twitter (deep dive and find accounts that are spotting good projects early. 

Here you find a more detailed overview of the best NFT Tools.

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February 24, 2022
Leo Brunnhofer