Weirdo's Weekly Update — 05 Dec, 2022

What are we working on?

🎥 This week, my daughter Julia arrived in Bangkok, and we started making a video course on How to start with Cryptocurrencies. This online course will give you the necessary basics to explore this new area. I think that no matter the current situation, the cryptos are here to stay, and it is essential that everybody gets a proper education on what cryptocurrencies are and their implication in the real world.

I'm excited about the final results and looking forward to when the final product will be shipped to the world. So stay tuned, especially if you are interested in the topic!

Traveling update

These days we are planning and discussing our travel plan for the beginning of 2023. Here is our current plan; some places are already booked, and some are still subject to change. But more or less, the first months of 2023 will look like this:

17th Dec - 14th Jan 2023 - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Confirmed and booked)
14th Jan - 11th Feb 2023 - Kota Kinabalu, Borneo (Confirmed and booked)
11th Feb - 18th Feb 2023 - Taipei, Taiwan (Not booked)
18th Feb - 18th Mar 2023 - Cebu and Boracay, Philipines (Not booked)
18th Mar - 15th Apr 2023 - Bali, Indonesia (Not Booked)
15th Apr —> Back to Thailand (Not Booked)

We will migrate back to Europe at the end of May to enjoy the summer vibe there.

Do you have some upcoming travel plans? Will our paths cross in some of the mentioned counties? Just tweet me


Amazon Prime Video is developing an eight-part television series on FTX Saga. SBF (Sam Bankman-Fried) is still playing the choirboy. Looking forward to seeing that.

MoonPay is launching a new (soulbound) NFT loyalty program called the Web3 Passport. Soulbound tokens represent a person's identity using blockchain technology. They are non-transferable tokens.

The payments processor Stripe is launching a new service called Fiat-to-Crypto, which allows US customers to convert their dollars into cryptocurrencies. Stripe will take care of KYC requirements, payments, fraud, and compliance.

I am currently listening

I'm trying to get into the tunnel and do deep work during the workday, but when I have time to relax, I tune into Lex Fridman. At the moment, I'm listening to Episode #307, Brian Armstrong: Coinbase, Cryptocurrency, and Government Regulations

Tool of the week

Every year around Black Friday, I keep my eyes open for new software to expand and refresh my toolbelt. I use Appsumo to find lifetime deals.

AppSumo is a website where product owners sell their digital products and services to potential buyers. What makes it special is that the products and services are sold at huge discounts to attract buyers. So you can get pretty nice subscription deals if you work online, have a team, or need various tools to automate your processes.

Something to think about

My man James Clear:

"It only takes five minutes to break the cycle.

Five minutes of exercise and you are back on the path. Five minutes of writing and the manuscript is moving forward again. Five minutes of conversation and the relationship is restored.

It doesn't take much to feel good again."

Question to ask yourself

James Clear

There is one month left in the year. Most people are ready to coast to the finish line, but one good month can make the whole year feel like a success.

What can you do in the next 30 days to build momentum and finish the year on a high note?

Hal Boyle

"What makes a river so restful to people is that it doesn't have any doubt—it is sure to get where it is going, and it doesn't want to go anywhere else."

Current Habits

Here are my current habits:

Headspace meditation - 582

Duolingo (Spanish) - 589

I occasionally also practice the Vietnamese language on Duolingo since we are visiting Vietnam soon.

Here are Maja's current habits:

Duolingo (German) - 814 days

We are now learning the Thai language together every morning. We are changing how we learn Thai often but what we keep is consistency; no matter how we do it, we make sure to do it every morning. And that's the most crucial part when building habits or reaching goals. Somedays, we do more, somedays a bare minimum, but we do it every day.

To get going, you need to hold yourself accountable. If that's not enough, you can also get yourself an accountability partner to bring the game to the next level.

Having an Accountability Partner or Accountability Buddy means you give this person an account.

There are different types of accountability partners that you can decide on:

  • Coach or Mentor who is already established in this area and has the expertise to guide you.
  • Motivator or Enabler who is on the same journey but a couple of steps before you, so they know how to motivate you.
  • Peer, Friend, or Partner, who is just starting the same journey as you, is as motivated as you and can both encourage each other to reach the goal successfully.

Our Content of the week

Last week we finished the article series about hacking attacks on hardware wallets. The article that we published was, Was SecuX ever hacked?

December 6, 2022
Leo Brunnhofer