Weirdo's Weekly Update — 12 Dec, 2022

What are we working on?

We are slowly winding down from a year full of work and traveling. We’ll take some holidays at the end of the year to recharge our batteries and travel around Vietnam. We will be stationed in Ho Chi Minh City and taking some trips from there.

Our friends and families think that since we are always traveling, we are free and don’t work so much, but how wrong they are. Sometimes, we forget that while we are free to work remotely, it is also important to take holidays and completely disconnect.

Before our December holidays, we still have to finish a couple of improvements on the site, record the next video course I’m working on - How to become a Digital Nomad and finish a longer article that includes our best and recommended travel tools and equipment.


In the medium to long term, ZK rollups will win out in all use cases as ZK-SNARK technology improves.
—Vitalik Buterin

There is a good chance that zk-Rollup solutions will play a big role in the next role. zk-Rollup (zk = zero-knowledge) is the next generation of scaling solutions for Ethereum.

I looked closely at zk-Sync, which launched its Baby Alpha on the Mainnet. In early 2023 the mainnet is supposed to open for all users, and a Tokenlaunch is also expected.

The Tokenomics are not published yet, and the valuation will be quite high since the project lately raised a 200 Mill Series C round. This should bring them through parts of the bear market.

I like the project a lot, even though there is quite a big technological risk since we are talking about real innovation here. I tried to qualify for a potential airdrop. Curious how everything will play out in the next months.

Bangkok Update

Christmas spirit is all over the place, the security guards are wearing Santa hats, and the playlists with three major Christmas songs are on repeat. Without these, it would be hard to feel the holiday and December vibe with 30 degrees daily.

Yesterday we visited the long-awaited stand-up gig from Jim Jefferies in CentralWOrld Live, and it was amazing! Jim is one of my favorite English-speaking comedians and one of the best storytellers. He made a couple of Netflix specials, so you can check his gigs out there if you are curious.

Tool of the week

AeroPress Coffee Maker

We start our day with a cup of coffee and a morning routine. We have been carrying an AeroPress coffee maker in our suitcase since we began perpetual traveling. The method of preparing the coffee is comparable to French Press. It’s excellent for three simple reasons - small to carry, durable (plastic), and makes a good coffee.

Something to think about

This time by Lex Friedman

"If you look for a reason to hate a person, eventually you'll find it. if you look for a reason to celebrate a person, eventually, you'll find it.

The former leads to resentment and destructive cynicism. The latter leads to happiness and growth for you and for those you celebrate.

I am celebrating you Lex. 🫂

Current Habits

Here are my habits:
Headspace Meditation - 589 days
Language Learning (Spanish/Thai) - 596 days

Here are Maja's daily habits:
Duolingo (German) - 822 days
Thai practice every morning

We are finally noticing some Thai language improvements, but we are moving to Vietnam this week. 😃 New country, new language - we are happy that our habits are working fine, so we can always add a new language to learn some basics. Vietnamese is quite challenging, as it is a tonal language with six different tones. So if using an inappropriate tone, you can deliver a totally different message.

December 19, 2022
Leo Brunnhofer