Weirdo's Weekly Update — 15 May, 2023

What are we working on?

This week we want to highlight the mission of our Weirdo.Rocks Academy, which we are about to launch. The Academy will help you design your own life as you would like to have it. Everyone deserves a chance to create their path in life, and solid foundations are essential for sustainable growth.

But let's be honest; there's a lot of unpractical and horrible advice from fake gurus. That's why we created this tribe, a community of like-minded individuals who share their paths to happiness and personal freedom. We want to help as many people as possible change their lives if they're ready and willing to take the necessary steps.

Our current focus topics are Web3 and Cryptocurrencies, Digital Nomadism and Perpetual Traveling, and systems, habits, and methods to help you set, track and reach your goals. We believe those are important topics to get you started, but this is just the start.

We're Weirdos (the good ones) because we like going our own way, even if challenging. We believe in taking responsibility for our actions and making our own decisions. We value experimentation, curiosity, and perpetual learning. And we believe in the power of entrepreneurship to create the life we want.

Join us on this journey to explore the unknown, respect each other's choices, and grow together as a tribe. Let's design our own lives and become location-independent entrepreneurs or remote workers in a sustainable way.

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Crypto Update

First, Chiliz Chain has just gone live on the mainnet, bringing the world of sports and web3 together like never before. This innovative platform is designed to cater specifically to sports brands and decentralized sports apps, using a unique Proof of Staked Authority consensus mechanism to ensure fast and reliable transactions.

Meanwhile, Litecoin has hit a new record with over 584,000 transactions on May 10th - more than double its previous high! This surge in activity comes as Bitcoin is experiencing record-high fees due to the growing popularity of BRC-20 tokens.

But that's not all! The popular MetaMask wallet now allows US users to purchase ETH directly through PayPal, making it easier than ever to get started in the crypto world.

Mark your calendars for this week's Miami Bitcoin Conference from May 18th-20th.

AI Update

The rapid advancement of multiple strands of generative AI, such as audio, text, images, and video, is mind-blowing. With just a photograph and 60 seconds of audio, you can create a deep fake of yourself in minutes. The results are not entirely convincing, but they are still impressive. The possibilities of AI technology are limitless and constantly evolving.

In this article we're sharing today, Professor Ethan Mollick of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania uses AI technology to create a deepfake of himself, giving a speech about startups. He created a virtual version of himself that delivered the speech by simply feeding a script to an AI text generator and then uploading his voice to an AI speech synthesizer. While it is still possible to distinguish the virtual Professor from the real one, the results are remarkable and show how easy it is to create a convincing virtual clone.

This experiment is a testament to the power of AI technology. It demonstrates the potential of deep fakes to impact the future of our society.

Here you can see the result. What do you think?

Travel Update

We are back in our happy, feels-like home place - Bangkok. ❤️ We started our South-East Asia trip here in September last year. We are finishing it here in 2 weeks when we head back to Europe.

Thailand is still at the top of the list of eight countries we visited in the last eight months. We love the people, diversity, food, and overall vibe when being here.

Last week we extended our Visa Exempt month for another month. We did it in Pattaya Immigration center. While, to our surprise, we had to go there three times to get everything finalized, we are happy that we can stay a bit longer here. 😊 The immigration office in Chon Buri is quite a chaotic place with lines of people waiting even before the office opens, so kudos to the employees there to pull up with this madness every day. 🤪

We will look into different Visa options to be able to stay longer. We’ll share more about other Visa options in future newsletters.

Leo in front of immigration

Thailand had its general elections last weekend, where the opposition parties secured a significant victory defeating military-backed parties and aiming to end nearly a decade of conservative rule.

The Move Forward party and the Pheu Thai Party emerged as front-runners, but forming the next government is uncertain due to parliamentary restrictions favoring the military.The opposition must negotiate and gain support from various factions, including the junta-appointed Senate. Move Forward's strong performance, driven by support from young voters, poses a challenge to the establishment, especially in Bangkok, where they came close to a clean sweep.

Despite the potential for alliances, Move Forward's leader, Pita Limjaroenrat, expressed his party's commitment to an anti-dictatorship, anti-military stance.The preliminary results dealt a significant blow to the military and its allies. However, their influence and parliamentary advantages could still influence government formation.

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Lex Fridman Podcast - #376 Stephen Wolfram: ChatGPT and the Nature of Truth, Reality & Computation

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Ted Lasso - a TV series about an American football coach who gets hired to coach a professional soccer team in England, despite knowing very little about the sport. With his optimistic attitude, he brings a sense of unity. He uplifts the team and builds genuine relationships with the players and staff.It's a heartwarming and hilarious show emphasizing kindness, resilience, and staying true to oneself.

Tool of the week

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Something to think about

People overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in 10 years” - Bill Gates

A question to ask yourself

Make your habits fun. This doesn't mean each habit will be the most fun thing in your life, but nearly any habit can be made more fun than it is currently.

Ask yourself, "What would it look like if this was fun? What would it look like if meditation or exercise or writing—or whatever—was fun?

Find the most enjoyable version of each habit you do."

Found: James Clear - Newsletter

📝 Weekly Tip: The Reverse To-Do List

This week, we want to introduce you to a unique productivity technique called the Reverse To-Do List. Take a moment to reflect on your achievements by listing tasks you have already completed. Shifting your focus from what's left to what you've accomplished can significantly impact your productivity.

It boosts your motivation by reminding you of the progress you've made. Seeing a list of completed tasks reinforces a sense of competence and satisfaction, encouraging you to tackle more and stay productive. It enhances your self-esteem as you acknowledge your capabilities and feel accomplished. By reflecting on your completed tasks, you can also identify patterns and areas for improvement, refine your workflow, and optimize your productivity strategies.

Remember, celebrating your achievements is just as important as setting goals. Stay tuned for more valuable tips and techniques to enhance your productivity.

Content of the week

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