Weirdo's Weekly Update — 19 Jun, 2023

AI News

In a 'here comes the sun' moment for Beatles fans worldwide, AI has brought John Lennon back to life, digitally extracting his voice from an old cassette recording. Even more exciting, this tech wizardry has enabled Paul McCartney to produce a "new" Beatles song featuring Lennon's vocals. Inspired by the AI system used in Peter Jackson's documentary, 'Get Back,' the track is set for release later this year.

AI's magic isn't just limited to music; it's revolutionizing the professional world too. Take Amazon's leaked internal document with rumored interest in AI chatbot ChatGPT for automating tasks as an example. 67 ideas in the document titled "Generative AI-ChatGPT Impact and Opportunity Analysis" are another example of how fast the world of AI is moving. We have you covered if you want to stay up-to-date in the world of AI.

Prompt of the week

I want to create and launch [product] called [name].
Apply the "hook model" by Nir Eyal to explain the customer journey in purchasing the [product].

Crypto Update

Bitcoin $26,422.21  Ethereum $1,714.31  Gold $1,958.00

Changes Last week
Changes Last week

Fear and Greed Index
Fear and Greed Index

Crypto Events Next week

The financial giant BlackRock has made a surprising move amidst an uncertain regulatory environment by filing an application with the SEC for a Bitcoin ETF. Partnering with Coinbase, BlackRock hopes to create a fund that mirrors Bitcoin's price. This could be a game-changer and a strong indication that the financial world isn't yet turning its back on crypto.

Travel Update

Dreaming of far-off places but worried about hefty airfares? We curated some tips in the following blog post to help you score affordable flights. If you want to dive even deeper and learn more about becoming a digital nomad, we have you covered with all the details in our online course Getting Started as Successful Digital Nomad.

Use comparison sites to snag the best deals (we mainly use Skyscanner, Google Flights, and, consider traveling during off-peak seasons, or fly on weekdays to cut costs. Stay on top of special deals with price alerts and airline newsletters, and don't say no to airports with layovers - they might offer you the best bargains. With these tricks up your sleeve, your dream journey doesn't have to stay a dream.

Our travel spirit is still strong - we booked our new longer stay in Georgia at the end of August. 🇬🇪 And since we will be in the area, we will also visit Azerbajdzan to see a football match and add a new flag to our list.

I am currently listening

"Dive into 'Mind Meets Machine,' a groundbreaking podcast featuring an AI co-host as it delves into human conditions and the future, shedding light on ways to boost health, wealth, love, happiness, and impact, all while demonstrating advanced AI capabilities."

Link: Mind Meets Machine

Tool of the week

This week's tool is Frase - a robust tool that merges SEO research and AI into one intuitive software, making it an efficient solution for creating content that ranks high on Google. It simplifies the content creation workflow, enabling quick SERP research, AI-generated outlines, and SEO-optimized copy production, ultimately helping users craft content that outperforms competitors.

It’s out to go tool when producing content.

Something to think about

"You can be relaxed and dedicated. Just because you worry more, doesn't mean you care more.” James Clear


"I heard my mom asking our neighbor for some salt. We had salt at home so I asked her why she was asking.

She told me, "They don't have much money and they sometimes ask us for things. So I asked for something small that wouldn't burden them. I want them to feel as if we needed them too. That way, it will be much easier for them to ask us for anything they need." unknown

A question to ask yourself

What is one activity you are naturally drawn to? Can you spend 5 minutes doing it today?

Source: James Clear Newsletter

Productivity Tips and Tricks

Cheers to Maja, who exemplifies the power of consistent habits, reaching an incredible 1000-day streak on Duolingo! Wohoo.Harnessing the motivating force of streaks, she's made massive progress in language learning, proving how daily dedication can drive us toward mastery—well done.

June 26, 2023
Leo Brunnhofer