Weirdo's Weekly Update — 20 Mar, 2023

Travel Update

We reached Bali on Saturday night. It was quite an exhausting trip from Boracay, but we made it without complications. For our Bali experience, we chose Canggu, where we rented an Airbnb for a month. To be more mobile, we also rented a scooter for the whole time. We booked it at XX and paid only 90EUR for the month. The best part was that they delivered it to our door and will pick it up when we leave. 🛵Our first impressions are great; it's super hot but a nice combination of surfing and a digital nomad hub. And you can notice this at every step. From all the places we visited in South-East Asia, the concentration of digital nomads is definitely at its highest here. One of the reasons is affordable living costs, great co-working spaces, and numerous cute laptop-friendly cafes, where you can get your daily dose of Flat Whites, avocado toasts, and Acai bowls.

It's easy to connect with like-minded people and stay productive while enjoying the local culture here. Plus, the nearby beaches offer some of the best waves in Bali, making it an excellent spot for surfers and beach lovers.

We look forward to exploring more of it!

Crypto Airdrop News

Arbitrum, a major player in the Ethereum Layer 2 space, has announced an airdrop of its ARB governance token for  March 23, 2023. The token will be distributed to community members who have used the network over the past year, with a total of 12.75% of the token's supply up for grabs. The ARB token will control the governance of the Arbitrum One and Nova networks through a DAO and will be used to govern any other Layer 2 networks that the DAO officially endorses. However, the token won't be used for paying transaction fees on the network.

The distribution of the ARB token is part of Arbitrum's next phase of decentralization, and the token will be distributed in varying proportions to different groups. A large portion of the token supply will go to the newly formed Arbitrum DAO, while Offchain Labs and advisers will receive a percentage of the token supply, as will Offchain Labs investors.

In around three days you can check if you qualified for the Airdrop.

It’s a good great time to dive in deeper into zero-knowledge projects. More airdrops to come.

I am currently listening

Lex Fridman Podcast - #365 - Sam Harris: Trump, Pandemic, Twitter, Elon, Bret, IDW, Kayne, AI & UFOs

Tool of the week

This week's kudos go to Nomad List.

Nomad List is an awesome tool for digital nomads to start basic research for possible destinations. This website is super helpful for finding the best cities to live and work in as a digital nomad. It has all kinds of info on things like the cost of living, weather, internet speeds, and more. Each member of the community can contribute to the data available and share advice and tips.

If you're a digital nomad looking for your next adventure, you can start your research on Nomad List to get the info you need to decide on where to live next.

Something to think about

Weekly James Clear:

"Focus starts with elimination, improves with concentration, and compounds with continuation.”



"Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for."

A question to ask yourself

James Clear:

What is the highest leverage activity you have ever done? Does that tell you anything about how to better spend your time?

Productivity Tips and Tricks

✋ Avoid Multitasking ✋

Contrary to popular belief, you should avoid multitasking to increase your productivity. Many companies put in their job ads multitasking as a desired skill for the new hire. However, multitasking can decrease productivity and increase the likelihood of errors. This is because the human brain can only focus on one task at a time. When we switch between tasks, our brain needs time to refocus on the new task, leading to losing focus and attention.

It can also reduce efficiency, as the brain needs time to shift focus between tasks, which can slow down productivity and lead to stress and burnout, as it can be overwhelming to juggle multiple tasks and deadlines.

It can also be challenging to enter into a creative flow state while switching between tasks, so it can negatively impact creativity and problem-solving.

Instead of multitasking, you should prioritize tasks, focus on one thing at a time, and give each task your full attention to increase efficiency, reduce stress, and enhance your overall performance.

March 27, 2023
Leo Brunnhofer