Weirdo's Weekly Update — 25 Aug, 2023

Crypto News

FBI Tracks Stolen Cryptocurrency Linked to DPRK

The FBI has identified recent blockchain activity associated with the theft of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). The DPRK may cash out over $40 million worth of stolen bitcoin. The FBI has discovered that the stolen funds are held in multiple Bitcoin addresses. The DPRK-affiliated actors responsible for the theft were involved in other high-profile cryptocurrency heists. 

Regulation Updates

Coinbase has received approval from the National Futures Association to operate as a futures commission merchant (FCM), allowing U.S. customers to access crypto futures. Around eleven companies have applied to launch ETFs based on Ether futures. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) may approve the listings in October.

Bitcoin Hodlers and Wealth Transfer

Short-term Bitcoin holders are selling off their holdings, while long-term holders continue to accumulate. This represents a transfer of wealth from weaker hands to stronger hands.

short-term vs long term

Solana Labs and Shopify Partnership

Solana Labs and Shopify have formed a partnership. Shopify now accepts Solana Pay as a payment option, allowing users to pay using USDC stablecoin. Transactions settled with USDC are nearly instantaneous, providing faster settlement times than credit card payments. The partnership also enables Shopify merchants to create new NFT loyalty programs, offering discounts to users who pay with Solana Pay. This collaboration could contribute to the mass adoption of crypto.

Changes in the Last Week

Bitcoin: $26,042 (-1.4%) I Ethereum: $1,653 (-1.3%)I Gold: $1,914.15

crypto bubbles
Changes last week

Fear and Greed Index

AI News

OpenAI is making waves yet again! They've just unlocked the fine-tuning feature for their GPT-3.5 Turbo model, letting developers tailor AI outputs for niche tasks—think custom code completion or brand-specific language styles. And for those tracking, the new GPT-3 models, babbage-002 and davinci-002, have joined the customization party. Imagine dressing ChatGPT in your brand's persona. It's not just any tool—it's YOUR tool.

But let's pause and reflect on the buzzword: automation. Consider the incremental steps that lead there rather than dreaming of a robot-filled future. Here's a snapshot:

Level 1 (Assistance): AI gives you a nudge—ideas, tips.

Level 2 (Advanced Assistance): AI’s in the co-driver seat, completing sentences and more.

Level 3 (Conditional Automation): Think Audi A8 in traffic. AI’s in charge, but you're overseeing.

Level 4 (High Automation): AI's cruising like a Waymo car, with you chilling as a backup.

Level 5 (Full Automation): It's AI's world; we're just living in it!

AI is more than automation table

Begin with the end in mind, but act incrementally. Pinpoint tasks ripe for delegation, automation, or elimination and gradually elevate your operational efficiency. If you require assistance, please send us a message.

Prompt to try:

Within my business, I believe there are tasks I could delegate, automate, and eliminate. 

Given that our revenue goal is [describe your revenue goal] and the activities that contribute towards this are [outline what contributes towards making sales], of which I am personally responsible for [say which you do yourself], can you identify tasks that could be delegated, automated or eliminated? 

For each one, say why, outline the following steps, and explain how much time it could save

Travel Update

Hellos from Estonia. We had a lovely weekend in Rahkla, a quiet village 2h from Tallinn. It was all about nature and chill vibes, with just a few friendly neighbors around. We got into the local spirit by picking mushrooms, enjoying sauna time, sharing good food, and sipping on some Estonian vodka, too.

We're currently staying in Tallinn in a cool area called Telliskivi. It has that industrial feel and many cozy coffee spots and craft beer places. The most popular here is Pohjala Brewery, one of my favs, with their brewery located in Tallinn. The city is super nice—this old-timey charm is mixed with a modern twist. The city center is like stepping into the medieval past, but everywhere else feels more high-tech and developing.

We'll be around until Saturday, soaking up the Estonian goodness before returning to Austria for a quick stopover. And after that, it's off to Georgia for the next leg of our adventure. 

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Tool of the week


AIPRM stands for Artificial Intelligence-Powered Response Manager. It is a Chrome extension that provides access to thousands of free engineered prompts designed explicitly for OpenAI's ChatGPT. The extension allows you to interact with ChatGPT more naturally and intuitively, enabling you to ask questions and receive answers in real time.

Especially for beginners, it's a great starting point for interaction with ChatGPT, as you can use and test different pre-set prompts based on the desired task.

Inspiring Quotes

“Understand, don’t memorize.”—Prof Feynman


“You could leave life right now. Let that determine what you do and say and think.”—Marcus Aurelius

Questions to Ask yourself

In what areas of your life do you communicate well?

In what areas do you communicate poorly?

Our Content of the Week

Productivity Tips and Tricks

Rediscover your 'why' to supercharge your productivity.

Understanding your purpose keeps you on track and motivated. It clarifies priorities and sustains you through difficulties. Decisions become smoother, and wasted time decreases. Your 'why' aids resilience after setbacks and adds joy to your efforts. It shapes choices and enhances task fulfillment. In essence, knowing your 'why' improves productivity and accelerates goal attainment.

For instance, consider the scenario of writing a book. Occasionally, finding time and inspiration can be tough. Yet, when you recall your 'why'—the urge to share a unique, inspiring story—you gain a purposeful compass. This reminder prompts focused writing sessions, aiding you in overcoming creative blocks. Your 'why' empowers your storytelling journey and maintains motivation, even in challenging creative phases.

September 11, 2023
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