Weirdo's Weekly Update — 29 Sept, 2023

Crypto News

🔍 Binance: A Ticking Time Bomb?

Binance faces regulatory scrutiny from multiple countries and U.S. agencies like the SEC and CFTC. Alleged violations range from compliance issues to misuse of customer funds. With rumors of a DOJ lawsuit, could hefty fines or criminal charges be next?

🌐 Blockchain for Citizen ID in Brazil and Argentina

Brazil and Argentina are implementing blockchain-based citizen identity systems to enhance data security. Buenos Aires is launching QuarkID, a blockchain system providing citizens digital access to important documents. Brazil is developing a blockchain network, b-Cadastros, to support its new national identity card system.

📈 Changes in the Last Week

Bitcoin $27,029 (+1,4%) ⎸ Ethereum $1,671 (+4.7%) ⎸ Gold $1,872

Changes Last Week

Fear And Greed Index

AI News

OpenAI's AGI Buzz

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman stirred the AI community with a Reddit comment suggesting AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) has been achieved internally. This comment, his first in seven years, was quickly edited to quell the AGI rumors. The post followed rumors about OpenAI's powerful internal models and potential AGI achievement. Shortly after, news emerged of OpenAI seeking to raise funds at a $90 Billion valuation. 

ChatGPT's Multimodal Features

ChatGPT now processes images and voice in addition to text. You can converse with ChatGPT using voice and ask questions about uploaded images. These features will be available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users in two weeks.

ChatGPT's Browsing Feature

ChatGPT's browsing feature is back, allowing you to find real-time information online. Answers now come with direct links to sources and are no longer limited to the previous cut-off date of Sep 2021. This feature is available to Plus and Enterprise users.

Meta's Smart Glasses

Meta's smart glasses can take calls, play music, and livestream from your face. Check out the tweet from The Verge for more details. 🕶️🎵

Btw, do check I’m currently listening part of this newsletter and the first interview in the Metaverse between Lex Fridman and Mark Zuckerberg. 

Travel News

🏔️ Workation in Stepantsminda, Georgia 🏔️

We're back from a 5-day stay in the townlet of Stepantsminda (1,740m), situated in the Greater Caucasus mountains of northern Georgia. 🗺️

Stepantsminda is a gem for trekkers and mountain enthusiasts, 11km from the Russian border. The iconic Gergeti Trinity Church is perched at an elevation of 2,170m and framed by the Caucasus and Mount Kazbegi in the backdrop. We hiked to Trinity Church on Sunday and were impressed by the breathtaking views and tranquility. ⛰️

While the town offers peace interrupted only by the sounds of cows mooing, barking dogs, and residents going about their day, we used this opportunity to double down on work. This trip served as our 'workation' destination, where we finished Q3 and prepped for our new OKR (Objectives and Key Results) iteration for the upcoming Q4. 

Though our noses were mostly in our laptops, we explored the village and found some nice local restaurants where we had our deserved breaks with great food, local wine, and some cha-cha. 

So, if you find yourself in Tbilisi, consider visiting this place. The most local way to go there is by using Marshrutka, a minivan that locals use to get from one place to another. You can take it from Tbilisi Didube Bus Station, and it costs 15 GEL one way. 

Marshrutky are not always the most comfortable or safest way to travel; they'll get the job done, and you will get one of the most local experience possible. No risk, no fun, right? 😉

Business & Productivity Tips

Unlocking Your First 5 Customers

Securing your initial customers is a two-fold challenge: building trust and addressing a pain point.

Barrier 1: Building Trust

Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship. It's easier to sell to friends than strangers, hence the terms 'warm' and 'cold' leads. Start by focusing on your warm leads while gradually converting cold leads into warm ones. This can be achieved through referrals, effective communication, or by offering valuable content.

Barrier 2: Addressing a Pain Point

Understanding your customers' pain points is crucial. Engage in conversations to gain insights into their problems and the language they use to describe them. This not only helps you understand their needs but also aids in crafting your messaging.

The Process

Conversations serve a dual purpose: they help build trust and provide insights into your customers' pain points. This hands-on approach is key in the early stages. As you progress, you can strategize on how to scale it.

Remember, your first 5 customers are just a conversation away!

Product of the Week

Opening a bank account in Georgia (the country) is a breeze, often completed within a day. However, the requirements may vary slightly depending on the bank and account type.

SOLO, a premium banking service by the Bank of Georgia, caught our attention this week. It's designed for those seeking a personalized, upscale banking experience, more than just standard banking.

With SOLO, you get a dedicated relationship manager, exclusive financial products, lifestyle benefits, and more. This can be incredibly beneficial if you're not based in the country but need direct access to personnel. Check it out here.

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Mark Zuckerberg: First Interview in the Metaverse | Lex Fridman Podcast #398

I am currently watching

New episodes of Billions Season 7 are out on Netflix, with new episodes added weekly. It’s still one of my favorite series, even in the new season, they are not disappointing.

Inspiring Quotes

“The thing that might make you weird as a kid might make you great as an adult, if you don't lose it.”—Kevin Kelly

"Many people have a hard time making decisions because they don't know what is important.

When you have a clear mission and you are completely sure what is important to you, most decisions become easy. Once you're fully committed, you don't need rules for how to spend your time. It's obvious which decision to make. It's clear what to prioritize.

Many people don't need productivity or time management advice. They need conviction." – James Clear

October 18, 2023
Leo Brunnhofer