Weirdo's Weekly Update — 3 Jul, 2023

What are we working on?

This week we are starting with the Q3 quarter of our OKR iteration. I can’t believe how fast the months are rolling.

We are working on finalizing them today and starting with the new tasks. We are setting some high goals and more out-of-the-comfort-zone tasks for this quarter, so our OKRs must be thought through well and encouraged to meet the goals and daily planning aligned with the OKRs.

On this note, if you wonder about the exact difference between goal setting and planning, the graphic below can illuminate it.

Planning vs Goal Setting
Planning vs Goal Setting

The more curious ones, you can read the whole article on our website:

What is the difference between planning and goal setting?

Crypto News

We are facing a potential crypto game-changer: Bitcoin ETFs - Exchange Traded Funds. We're standing on the precipice of a significant shift in the Bitcoin market, and it's all hinging on these ETFs.Industry giants like BlackRock, Fidelity, and Ark Invest are racing to approve their Bitcoin ETFs.

We could see a significant ripple effect across the entire crypto landscape if given the thumbs up. This and a proposed NASDAQ agreement to combat fraud could dramatically reshape our beloved Bitcoin world.

Remember, the crypto journey is thrilling but also unpredictable. Always double-check your map before setting off on your investment adventures. Stay sharp, keep learning, and let's ride these digital waves together! 🚀

Changes in the Last Week

Bitcoin $30,624 (+1,1%)   ⎸   Ethereum $1,965 (+4.6%)   ⎸   Gold $1,923

Crypto Bubbles
Changes Last Week

Fear and Greed Index
Fear and Greed Index

AI News

We have an exciting update from the world of AI for you. Imagine having a digital assistant, like ChatGPT, that could help you build a digital product from your unique knowledge and skills. This is a simple, inventory-free way to create value and share your expertise.Just remember, the key is to leverage your knowledge and passion. So, why not give ChatGPT a try? This could be your opportunity to transform your unique skills into a meaningful and sustainable digital asset.Here is a prompt that you can try.

Please act as a Fortune 500 business coach. Your goal is to help me make $10,000 in 30 days by selling digital products in [Niche]. Please tell me who our ideal customer is, give me 15 product ideas as well as price points, and give me a sales and marketing strategy. Please be detailed and include bullet points for easy reading.

Credit: Kat Digital Marketing

Travel News

Let's talk about cultural etiquette today. Understanding and respecting cultural norms in the country where you plan to travel will enhance your experience and ensure harmonious interactions with the locals.

If we take Thailand for example, a tourist needs to show respect to the locals. When greeting people, use a polite gesture called the "wai" with a slight bow, especially to older or more important individuals. Remember to dress modestly, cover your body respectfully, and remove your shoes before entering religious places. Avoid pointing your feet at sacred objects, as it's considered impolite.

To avoid conflicts, stay calm and not raise your voice publicly. Show respect to the Thai monarchy and refrain from making negative comments about the royal family. When dining, wait for the host or the eldest person to start eating before you do. You can use a spoon and fork or learn how to use chopsticks. Sharing food is encouraged, so try different dishes and enjoy the communal dining experience.

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#386 - Lex Fridman Podcast - Marc Andreessen: Future of the Internet, Technology, and AI

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I spent $50,000 on a business coach, so you don’t have to - Ali Abdaal

Tool of the week

Canva is an invaluable tool that we use daily. It streamlines our design process, making it straightforward and manageable, no matter the project. It truly is a reliable partner for all our design needs, no matter if you design your newsletter, website, or social media postings.

You can try Canva here.

Something to think about

“You will find that you are most alive when you are in movement, not at rest.”—Seneca


“Life rewards action, not intelligence.

Many brilliant people talk themselves out of getting started, and being smart doesn't help very much without the courage to act.

You can't win if you're not in the game.” James Clear

Productivity Tips and Tricks

Stand-up meetings, or daily scrums, are brief, regular check-ins in agile project management. Especially if you are working in a remote team, you can use stand-ups for enhanced productivity by improving communication and accountability among team members. These meetings help with transparency and timely issue resolution, allowing team members to share updates, address challenges, and collaborate effectively.

Stand-up meetings encourage focus and prioritization, helping team members stay on track and adapt to changing requirements. However, their success relies on keeping them concise and using them as a starting point for further discussions and collaboration. Stand-up meetings support productivity by fostering communication, collaboration, and agility within teams.

Road to Success
Road to Success
July 3, 2023
Leo Brunnhofer