Weirdo's Weekly Update — 3 October, 2022

What are we working on?

Last week was the last week of the quarter #3 OKR (Objectives and Key Results) iteration, and we are now setting up OKRs for the #4 quarter. Since we have been doing OKRs for a couple of years, our process is quite streamlined.

We create quarterly Objectives and Key Results that support our long-term goals. Usually, we come up with 3-5 Objectives and up to 5 measurable Key Results per Objective. Then, we support each Key Result with daily initiatives, which help us progress constantly and come closer to the goals. Maja and I have morning meetings from Monday to Friday, discussing how the previous day went and the main focus for the day ahead.

We also created a dashboard in Notion that we use for monitoring the progress. The essential part of OKRs is the weekly accountability call with a small group, where we discuss the progress, update our dashboard, point out any obstacles, and discuss plans for the upcoming week.

It's a relatively simple process that helps us stay aligned with all business goals, like writing content, SEO efforts, outreach, personal training activities, and health-related goals. We notice the fundamental changes in our progress, as OKRs helped us build habits and routines for our daily work and push forward even the more 'annoying' tasks.


The - BEAR MARKET BATTLE hosted by GMoney and Leah Lamarr goes into the finals. We were not eliminated and are still in with both our Tokens. The last game Missile Doge is a multiplayer that starts as I write this. We f*cked up in the last game and we have not change to win one of 33 the prices I fear. Bye, Bye BAYC #4317.

The whole season was fun and we will attend season 3, if we can. 👀

Bangkok Life

We are almost a month in Bangkok, and this crazy, vibrant and diverse city is getting more and more under our skin. This week we want to talk about food. Since we are not fans of cooking, we eat most of the time outside. It's incredible how you can step out of the apartment building and find great and affordable street food on every corner, served with an honest smile from lovely Thai people.

Sometimes we are not 100% sure what we order, but until now, we were not disappointed yet. And with our Thai language learning streak, we will master the food language in no time. 🤪 Thai food is mostly spicy, with many fresh vegetables, meat, seafood, rice, and noodles. They have a lot of delicious soups. Bangkok is the central point where all cuisine meets; from the northern part of Thailand, the Isaan region, you can find a lot of Korean food and, of course, also typical western food. Great place for any foodie.

Unlike Mexican food, where you could influence the spiciness level by adding sauces or not, they decide for you most of the time in Thailand. 😃  But we both love spicy food. 🔥

food in bangkok

I am currently listening.

VirtualBacon restarted his weekly Podcast around Web3 topics and gives away his market analysis, actionable strategy and tons of alpha for free. You can listen to the last weeks episode INSIGHTS: BTC flirting with death as Dominance signals risk-off months ahead. ATOM 2.0, EOS EVM, etc on Spotify.

I am currently watching.

This week, we want to say our kudos to Chris Parker and his great Youtube channel, Retired, Working for you! Chris is a Canadian guy living in Thailand and producing informative and entertaining content about his life in Thailand. We have been following his journey for some time, and we are getting a lot of tips about things to see, try and eat in Thailand from him.

If you are interested, you can check out his channel here.

Tool of the week

One of the most important tools we use for managing our virtual office is 1Password, a password manager and a digital vault. One can remember only a certain number of passwords, and being a digital nomad means that majority of your services are online.

We switched to 1Password a while ago, before using LastPass, and we were not 100% satisfied with it. But so far, 1Password does its job perfectly, keeping our passwords and logins for different accounts, cloud services, and banks protected in one place.

Current Habits

Here are my current habits:

Headspace Meditation -  520 days

Duolingo - 519 days

Here are Maja's current habits:

Duolingo (German) - 752 days

Drops (Thai) - 25 days

Something to think about

"Keep ignoring feedback and life will keep teaching you the same lesson." James Clear


“Just because you aren't doesn't mean you can't be.

Just because you never could doesn't mean you never can.

Just because you never have doesn't mean you never will.” August Bradley

October 10, 2022
Leo Brunnhofer