Weirdo's Weekly Update — 30 Jan, 2023

What are we working on?

Maja and I are fighting in different fields. While I'm deep in crypto research and site improvements, she is looking into crypto security topics, working on new content, and learning more about SEO. We have Julia that is helping us with getting our social media in order, but we still feel the need for additional pair of hands or brains sometimes. 🧠 Until we can get more team members, we are working on onboarding ChatGPT 🤖 We are exploring the options to integrate it and automate some of our tasks. However, this is already a big task, as we need to figure it out and learn how to get the best out of it.

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This week, we will delve into Solana and the impact of the FTX situation.

Solana is a blockchain platform that provides a fast and secure infrastructure for decentralized applications and other blockchain projects. Despite the FTX and Alameda crash causing a massive drop in the marketcap, the Solana team is actively working on partnerships and new features to attract more projects and expand its reach. In 2023, the focus will be on improving scalability, performance, DeFi, and security measures. The Solana team is also working on real-world adoption by forming partnerships with companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Stripe and launching products like the "Solana Phone" and Solana Pay.

We are optimistic about Solana's future, but the long-term outcome of the FTX crash's impact on Solana is yet to be determined.

Marketcap and Transactions over Time: Image Source  Messari

Travel Update

This Sunday, we jumped on the small island 20 minutes boat ride from Kota Kinabalu - Manukan. Manukan is one of the islands in Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park; the other 4 are Gaya, Sapi, Mamutik, and Sulug. If you end up in Kota Kinabalu, you should visit one of them or do a popular island hopping.

The city center of Kota Kinabalu is quite industrial, with shopping centers on every possible corner. So a short on the neighbors' island is a nice escape into tranquility and nature. It's not crowded, so that you can find a quiet spot for swimming, reading, and enjoying the beauty around you. It's also perfect for snorkeling.

Gadget of the week

Today we want to share our favorite camera for capturing great photos and videos while on the move - DJI Pocket 1.

As the name indicates is a pocket-size camera with a built-in motorized gimbal that keeps your video smooth even when you're moving around. It's our go-to for all our photography needs besides our iPhones. The stabilization technology helps create smooth and stable footage even when walking around the cities and exploring neighborhoods. The other feature that comes in handy is ActiveTrack it keeps subjects in focus for cinematic shots.

Since we are not professionals with big cameras in our bags, we like this little fella, as it helps us to capture our experiences easily. We still have an older model 1; however, there are already newer models on the market if you are interested.

*It’s not a regular-size banana 😉

Something to think about

James Clear

"You'll feel better once you get started."


"Do one thing per day that compounds."

A Question to ask yourself

Striving for a daily 1% improvement focuses on little, consistent progress toward your goals instead of searching for quick fixes or dramatic changes. This approach leads to sustainable growth and helps avoid burnout or discouragement. Additionally, small daily improvements add up over time, resulting in substantial progress towards your goal and helping you to maintain motivation and momentum towards achieving your aspirations.

Ask yourself:

What can I do today to improve by 1%?

Our content of the week

🆕 We published 5 Tips for Securing Your Cryptocurrencies. Don't forget to check it out to protect your crypto bags!

February 2, 2023
Leo Brunnhofer