Weirdo's Weekly Update — 8 Sept, 2023

Crypto Updates

Tether Surpasses Countries in US Treasury Bills Holdings

Tether, the dominant stablecoin in the market, has emerged as one of the leading buyers of US Treasury bills. With an exposure of $72.5 billion, Tether ranks higher than countries like the UAE, Mexico, Australia, and Spain. Despite a recent market downturn, Tether remains strong, controlling over 60% of the stablecoin market and experiencing a trading volume exceeding $50 billion daily.

🎓 Stanford Blockchain Week Unveils 3 Must-Watch Trends

Top takeaways:

  • ZKPs Getting Smarter: Academia and startups are pushing the limits of Zero Knowledge Proofs, signaling the tech's maturation.
  • Modularity is In: Developers can now create bespoke blockchain solutions thanks to projects like Arbitrum and Chainlink.
  • Bitcoin Buzz: From tech to culture, Bitcoin is gaining renewed attention, with new projects and collaborations on the horizon.

🔗 Hit Network and BitBoy Crypto Part Ways Amid Controversy

Hit Network's parent company, BJ Investment Holdings, has cut ties with Ben Armstrong (BitBoy Crypto) over allegations of substance abuse and staff harm. Armstrong counters, calling it an 'attempted coup.' The future of the BitBoy Crypto brand is now up in the air."

MakerDAO's Decision Sparks Debate: Solana vs. Ethereum

MakerDAO co-founder Rune Christensen announced that Maker would introduce a new dedicated blockchain, surprising many by choosing Solana's codebase for their NewChain network. Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, responded by selling his remaining MKR tokens. The move has sparked a debate within the cryptocurrency community.

El Salvador Educates Students on Bitcoin

El Salvador's Ministry of Education is collaborating with Mi Primer Bitcoin and Bitcoin Beach to introduce Bitcoin education in public schools by 2024. Mi Primer Bitcoin will provide study materials and train 150 teachers. The goal is for El Salvador to lead the world in public Bitcoin education, and interest in this initiative has spread to other Latin American countries.

Other News

Changes from last week
Changes from last week

Fear and Greed Index
Fear and Greed Index

AI Updates

Google Unveils New AI Tools

At the Google Next conference, Google announced several AI upgrades, including 20 new prebuilt AI models for enterprises, an AI watermarking tool called SynthID, next-gen AI training chips, the official rollout of the Duet AI assistant across Workspace apps, and updates to the Vertex AI platform. Google also revealed new partnerships with General Motors, FOX Sports, Estee Lauder, and Ginkgo Bioworks.

Zoom Launches AI Assistant

Zoom has introduced its new AI Companion, designed to enhance productivity in meetings. The assistant offers features like composing chat responses, real-time transcriptions and translations, meeting recaps upon joining, smart meeting recordings, and generating action items for participants. These features are available at no extra cost for Zoom subscribers, with additional features like email assistance and scheduling coming soon.

The Cost of Execution Goes to Zero

A Bain report highlights the decreasing average number of hours worked weekly throughout major industrial/technical revolutions. While the distribution of hours worked has flipped, with top earners now working the most, the future of work, particularly in knowledge work, is questioned. The report suggests that there may be a need to value strategy over execution and reduce time spent on low ROI tasks like email.

Average hours worked weekly graph

Anguilla Benefits from .ai Domain Surge

The Caribbean island of Anguilla, responsible for assigning .ai internet addresses, is expected to earn millions in domain registration fees this year. The surge in demand for .ai domains, driven by the artificial intelligence frenzy, has resulted in a doubling of registrations. Google and Microsoft have adopted .ai domains for their AI-focused web pages. Despite the small number of .ai domains compared to .com domains, Anguilla stands to gain significant revenue.

Travel Update

Why is Georgia an interesting destination for digital nomads and remote business owners?

Georgia boasts several compelling reasons for digital nomads to consider it their ideal destination. Firstly, the country's welcoming visa policies allow visitors from 98 nations to enjoy a visa-free one-year stay, providing ample time to explore and work remotely.

Tbilisi, the capital city, is a hotspot with affordable living costs, including apartment rentals, dining, and transportation. The country is known for its friendly locals and affordability; the internet connection in Tbilisi is good, and mobile phone plans are affordable, with as little as 15 EUR/month for unlimited data.

What's more, unlike many other countries, Georgia doesn't require you to establish residency to open a bank account, so when you enter, you can easily set up a bank account. For digital nomads, having a local bank account in the place you stay makes things more accessible and more enjoyable.

Moreover, its strategic location in the Caucasus mountain region grants easy accessibility with direct flight connections to numerous European airports. If not directly to Tbilisi, you can fly to Kutaisi, about a 3-4h drive from the capital city.

On top of that, Georgia is a beautiful country filled with mountains, Black Sea beaches, rich wine areas, and historic sites. So, even if you are not a digital nomad looking for the next destination, it's worth putting Georgia on your bucket list.

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Tigerbelly: Dan Soder & Jellabiya Boys

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One Piece

In a seafaring world, a young pirate captain Monkey D. Luffy sets out with his crew to attain the title of Pirate King, and to discover the mythical treasure known as 'One Piece.' It's a Netfix serie based on "One Piece" - a Japanese manga and anime series created by Eiichiro Oda.

Tool of the week

Airbnb Experience

Most of you know Airbnb, but this week, we want to speak about Airbnb Experiences - unique activities and guided tours led by local hosts in destinations worldwide.

These experiences allow you to dive deeper into the local culture, learn new skills, and enrich your journey. Some of the most memorable experiences we tried were visiting the Teotihuacan pyramids near Mexico City, getting a full tour of Mexcal production and tasting in Oaxaca, taking a street food tour in Ho Chi Minh City, a trip to the Mekong delta in South Vietnam. We are not big fans of organized tours, but Airbnb Experiences usually cater to small private groups, so it’s perfect.

They are a great choice if you seek authentic travel experiences, as they provide insight into hidden gems, traditions, and local perspectives and help you connect with local communities.

Inspiring Quotes

“Not only do people who do great work never become haters, haters never do great work.”—Paul Graham


“The secret to happiness is to face the fact that the world is horrible.”—Bertrand Russell


“I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”—Thomas Jefferson

Productivity Tips and Tricks

Surrounding Yourself With Like-Minded People

Being part of a community of people who share your business interests and personal life can be a game-changer, especially when ramping up your productivity.

First and foremost, being in such a group gives you a clear sense of direction. Everyone in the group has similar aspirations, which keeps you motivated and on the right path. You'll encounter common challenges, but the beauty is that you can tackle them together and learn from each other's experiences. It's like having a team of cheerleaders, helping you stay focused and less distracted.

Secondly, this community is like a treasure trove of knowledge. Whether your goal is making more money, optimizing your business operations, or managing your business while exploring the world, your fellow community members have been there and can share their valuable insights. This means you can sidestep common mistakes and work smarter.

When you witness others in the group achieving their goals, it is a powerful motivator for you to do the same. Plus, when the going gets tough on your entrepreneurial journey, you have this supportive crew to rely on. Think of it as having a team of friends who help you stay productive and provide a boost when you need it most.

September 11, 2023
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